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When Is Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 3 Releasing? Is It Ready With It’s 3rd Episode: Release Date And Time

Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

We all know that we simp for Starwars and The Bad Batch is one of the latest animated series in American Television which created by Dave Filoni our always favorite. This Bad Batch is the new franchise of THE STAR WARS. And it’s been heard that this series would be acting as a spin-off and sequel to the series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

This Bad Batch is written by Jennifer Corbett who is the main head writer with Brad Rau as Supervising director. This series is currently in the production of Lucasfilm Animation.

This series come under the action and adventurous science fiction genre. We all know that star wars are based on comics written by George Lucas. And this series is also based upon those comics. With the country of origin as United states with English as the origin language. And we know that only season 1 is released till now. On Disney plus, because they are the distributors with 2episodes till now.

The Bad Batch was aired on Disney plus on the date of May 4, 2021, with the production company of Lucasfilm. And till now we only have 2 episodes. Already half of the age group of 18-45-year-old are asking for the release of the Next episode. Because of the pandemic of the Second wave hitting India people are back to quarantine in their own homes. And looks like these OTT platforms are the only Escape from this drilling virus.

Practically this series is based upon the Clone Wars in Star Wars and it seems to be the animated sequel of this series. And it’s been said as per the resources that season 1 will consist of a total of 16 episodes.

The synopsis is quite interesting as Dee Bradley Baker voices the clone troopers and Titular squad and Elite clones with Genetic Mutation as per the role he played in clone wars. Then the new character Omega is happened to be introduced into the path and Joins the Bad batch on their missions. And this series is all about the new missions. As the previous episode was 2nd one. Now the public is demanding to know the 3rd episode release date. As per the resources, the first episode streamed on May 4th may be the force be with you. Star Wars born day and after that, the crew decided to release an episode every Friday. Which is on May 14th. According to the Equatorial tome zones. On Disney plus the local time will be the time of release which is midnight PDT on Friday. For other time zones:

  • On Friday, May 14th, 2 AM CDT (Central Time)
  • On Friday, May 14th, 3 AM EDT(Eastern Time)
  • On Friday, May 14th, 8 AM BST(British Time)
  • On Friday, May 14th, 9 AM CEST  (European Time)
  • On Friday, May 14Th, 4 PM JST (Japan Time)
  • On Friday, May 14Th, 4:30 PM ACST (Australian Time)

These may not be accurate and they will be alight difference according to the technical errors and time zones. Fans are already tweeting some cool tweets on the Series. Here are some.

And many Tweets are going on. Let’s know what you guys think about the article and about what you think about the series.