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Youtuber Jake Paul, Brother Of Logan Paul Lands In Trouble After His Visit To Puerto Rico: Read To Know The Details

If you know Jake Paul, you might be upset to know that recently he was under investigation. In this article, I will walk you through the incident that led to Jake’s investigation and what were some of his fans’ reactions to it.

These days the internet is flooded with social influencers, right? Even YouTube is also evolving as a relevant career platform. Among some popular YouTubers, the name of Jake Paul can’t miss our eyes.

If you still can’t recognize then let me help you a little further. Do you watch boxing shows? Then you might recall the name of Jake Joseph Paul. After all, he is one of the boxing players. Well, his identity doesn’t wrap up with a YouTuber or boxer. In fact, he is also an actor, rapper, and internet personality.

But recently this YouTuber got himself trapped in an unavoidable incident which resulted in his thorough investigation. What did actually happen with him?

<p>File image: Jake Paul poses during weigh ins for Triller Fight Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on 16 April 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia</p> (Getty Images)

The American YouTuber, Jake was alleged for driving a mini jeep on a protected beach in Puerto Rico during the nesting season for turtles.

There was a video available on the social media platform showing the group of friends that accompanied the 24-year-old boxer during that drive. In fact, the video also showed that one boy among those friends was driving a golf cart. Well, you can’t see the video anymore because it is now removed.

No citizen can keep calm when any incident narrows down to the endangerment of the environment or our natural resources. The moment the news got some highlights, Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural & Environmental Resources launched an investigation without any delay. Well, the investigation team is now all busy looking at shreds of evidence to conclude if Paul is guilty of breaking any law or not.

The secretary of the investigation team is Rafael Machargo. Rafael made a statement where he explained the primary objective of the investigation team.  The sole aim of the investigation is to learn the details of the circumstances revolving around the use of two motor vehicles on beaches. It is assumed from the video that the incident took place in Puerto Rico.

Continuing his statement he also clarified once again that any acts that endanger the environment or species are punishable by law. The video doesn’t hold concrete evidence regarding the possibility of the incident taking place, if at all, and also doesn’t speak about the timing of the incident. Anyway, the investigation team is on it, and sooner we will know the truth behind this case.

However, as a citizen what you have to be careful of is that you do not carry out such activities. It is because violating the laws to protect the environment and the species that can nest or live on the beaches can result in paying fines and penalties on your part.

If you do not know then let me take the privilege to tell you why Puerto Rico is extra careful about the species that can nest or live on the beaches. Well, Puerto Rico has turtle nesting and hatching season from February and August. The beaches attract several unique species. You can also find some leatherback.

Well, some of Jake’s fans couldn’t keep calm and took to the internet to express their anger against the boxer. many of them criticized for being reckless. After reading the comments and tweets you can easily guess that Jake flared up his fans for putting the species at risk through his irresponsible behavior.

One user took to Twitter and said (pointing to Jake) that some tourists visit places and behave irresponsibly thinking that they might easily escape without dealing with any consequences. Well, you can’t do it anywhere, not even in PR.

While another user wrote that coming to Puerto Rico and not respecting the laws or customs is such an outrageous act on the part of tourists.

While another user pleaded with everyone to respect their wildlife and all of God’s creatures.

Do not forget to tell us what you feel about this entire incident.