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Is It The End Of The Sussex Royal Charity? We Speculate So As Prince Harry And Meghan Calls It Off

It seems that the royal couples have a lot of breaking news to share with us! Why am I saying this? Well, this time the royal couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made it very clear that they have no intention to return back to the United Kingdom post the shut down of their Sussex Royal charity. Yes, the charity will be closed permanently within a short span of time.

The news of the Duke and Duchess quitting their royal life made a shocking headline very recently. With the stepping down from their royal life, you can surely expect the closure of many other firms and charity work that they were carrying out.

Harry and Meghan close Sussex Royal charity

Prior to the decision of their quitting the royal life, they were running a non-profit organization in the U.K. Now as the couple has decided to move on to the U.S., they have now made some other plans. They have built Archewell in the U.S. and renamed their U.K. charity to MWX Trading in 2020.

MWX Trading is the acronym for Meghan Windsor X. On May 4, 2021, this Trading was designated as a liquidator with London’s Companies House. This is a clear indication of the permanent closure of the charity followed by Harry and Meghan Markle starting a new phase of their life in America.

It seems that such a big move prior to the reunion of the two brothers – Harry and Prince William. Are you wondering what reunion am I referring to? Well, in the month of July 2021, the two brothers are going to unveil Princess Diana’s statue at Kensington Palace. However, knowing the past details one can easily tell that reunion is not going to be an easy walk on the cake.

In fact, the recent statement that Harry made against the royal family is not at all helping to calm the stress in his relationship with his family. I have learnt from the words of Roya Nikkah who is supposedly a royal correspondent that William did not acknowledge any of the harsh words that Harry has recently spilt out against his family.

Harry has criticized Prince Charles in a podcast talk show. Surprised? And it doesn’t end here. Harry also spoke quite badly about their father while interviewing on TV.

Harry even spoke about his desire to break himself and his future generations free from a cycle that apparently runs down his family. So what bad cycle was he referring to? Well, he was referring to bad parenting. Although Harry expressed that he was not at all intending towards pointing his fingers at anybody however he made some suggestions regarding the cycle.

He expressed how much it hurts him to see the flawed parenting style of Charles. And not just Charles in fact, his experience on parenting which he received from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip was also not a pleasant one.

Such a statement obviously gave rise to different question and answer sessions. Charles had to face a couple of questions in recent royal engagements centering around his son. On the other hand, Markle also had to face her share of criticism from the royal observers.

Markle is now suspicioned for brainwashing the Duke of Sussex. Some also added that Markle just like the way she spoilt her relationship with her father and half-siblings, similarly also broke Harry’s relationship with his family.

Are you wondering what happened between Markle and her father? Well, although Markle’s father lives in Mexico which is a few miles away from California, yet Markle doesn’t make any attempt to meet him ever since 2018.

As per the interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex revealed her father’s presence in cahoots with the British tabloid press was an act of betrayal for her. The negative coverage of Harry and Markle by the British tabloid press has undoubtedly disrupted the mental health of the couple.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are continuing their work for different projects which will undergo in California under Archewell. The couple recently managed to collect funds worth $1.8 million which they are going to utilize to buy vaccines for poor nations.