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Throwback: When H.E.R, Kehlani and Zendaya Nearly Belonged To The Same Band During Their Young Days

If you are a fan of H.E.R. then this article is a must-read for you. Your favorite singer has just revealed some personal stuff in an interview. I am sure, you are now curious to know. Read this article till the end to know some secrets about H.E.R.

The American singer and songwriter, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson is popularly known as H.E.R. in per professional life. Do you know what H.E.R. stands for? It’s an acronym for  Having Everything Revealed. Her fans pronounce her by the name ‘her’.

Well, during an interview, your favorite singer made some shocking revelation. She elucidated her relation with Kehlani and Zendaya. Yes, amidst reflecting on herself performing in the Bay Area, she shared about the star-studded band where she was also a member. If you are curious too, keep reading the article.

H.E.R. Reveals She Was Almost in a Band Together with Kehlani & Zendaya | HipHop-N-More

She revealed that during the early phase of her career she used to perform together with Kehlani and Zendaya was nearly involved. Yes, your favorite singer was almost in a band with Kehlani and Zendaya. Are you wondering when did that happen? Well, it was during the early 2010s.

She revealed this in an interview with the co-founder and CEO of OZY, Carlos Watson in The Carlos Watson Show. Just before the weekend’s OZY fest, the interview was scheduled and H.E.R. made her appearance in the interview ahead of the fest. She explained to Carlos her involvement in the band which was named Poplyfe. She was a member of the band along with Kehlani and various other members.

In the OZY fest, H.E.R. hosted the “How Music Moves Mountains” conservation. There were other stars who made the festival way a lot more fun to watch. The stars included – Chance the Rapper, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Condoleezza Rice, Mark Cuban, Malcolm Gladwell, Sevyn Streeter, Tig Notaro, Big Freedia. Jim Cramer, Rev. Al Sharpton, Deepak Chopra, and Rep. Maxine Waters, and many others.

In fact, adding an extra bit of information she also revealed that the band, Poplyfe also participated in the sixth season of America’s Got Talent in 2011.

During the interview, the R&B singer spoke about Dylan Wiggins. Yes, I am referring to D’wayne Wiggins’s son from Tony! Toni! Toné! She also added that all of them were members of the same band. As a youngster, all of them used to perform together.

H.E.R. says she was nearly in a band with Kehlani and Zendaya – iDea Huntr

In fact, Kehlani was also another member of the band and they used to all sing together. Even at one point in time, Zendaya was also going to be a member of the same band. Undoubtedly, you can say that all of them grew up together.

H.E.R. also shared that it was only in Oakland when she joined the band and ever since then they all performed together for a very long period of time.

If you are a fan of H.E.R., then you must be already familiar with the latest track of hers. It was just in the last month when H.E.R. released “Come Through” that featured Chris Brown. Another of her studio album, ‘Back Of My Mind’, is on the way to getting released but holds no concrete date of its release.

H.E.R. Says She Almost Formed A Band With Zendaya & Kehlani - Trapholizay

Fight For You” which is a fragment of the soundtrack for Judas and the Black Messiah that H.E.R. released as her single debut” won her an Oscar for Best Original Song. ‘I Can’t Breathe’ won her a Grammys Award for Song of the Year. ‘Better Than I Imagined’ also won her the best R&B Song for collaborating with Robert Glasper and Meshell Ndegeocello.