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This Video Of Beyonce’s Little Daughter Rumi Dancing In The Backseat Of A Car Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet Today

With billions of people staying at home to protect themselves from the pandemic, the internet, and especially social media has become the go-to entertainment and interaction spot for millions if not billions. Like other many celebrities around the globe to are enjoying this period of brief standstill away from their always scheduled days.

Among all, one of the most popular and looked up are the pop queen Beyoncé and her little children who are always the talk of the town. Beyoncé has a rather balanced approach to her family. From protecting her children’s privacy and ensuring minimum paparazzi attention to speaking about motherhood and how it changed her, she is always up with surprises. Recently Manuel A. Mendez Blue Ivy’s stylist shared an unseen clip of her daughter Rumi Carter dancing to the beats of a song in the car.

This little adorable video of Rumi dancing to a song has made fans go all gaga over the little Beyoncé who, most believe is already in her mother’s footsteps. With a cute little bow in her hair, little Rumi who’s three now looked super adorable and has fans wanting to see more of her.

Unlike the Kardashians and many others, Beyoncé likes to keeps her family and especially children out of the spotlight to give them what little normalcy they can get away from the paparazzi and millions of other fans who are always looking up for glances of the little superstar along with her mother, the pop queen.

The star children Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter have started to make appearances with their mother on various red carpets and glam shows. Critics anticipate it won’t be much before all three of them follow their parents into the glam world with their unique charm. Their eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter already has a few prestigious awards to her name. Becoming the youngest person to win a BET award and the second youngest person to win a Grammy, she is all set to become the next generation superstar just like her parents. She is already active in the industry and right from her birth has been the media sensation, while winning the title of “ The most famous baby in the world” by times just two days after her birth.

Beyonce on Vogue cover

Beyoncé values her children’s privacy and tries to be always there for their activities. From dropping her eldest daughter to school to indulging in activities with Rumi and Sir, she often seen enjoy life’s simple pleasure along with her family. Being international fame doesn’t make this easier when she is constantly bombarded by fans when in public. However, she often likes to go undercover to enjoy a simple shopping g trip to Walmart or Target and just being a regular person.

With her eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter already in the industry, her daughter Rumi and her son Sir are all set to follow their parents and elder sister’s footsteps and we can only wait to see them in action soon.