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Cruella 2: This Is How The Cast Of Cruella Want To Return To Their Roles In The Sequel

With the release of Disney’s Cruella, we can expect a sequel to it. Here’s everything to know about Cruella 2 and how the cast would like to come back in the sequel.

Do you remember Cruella de Vil, the vamp from Disney’s 101 Dalmations? Yes, one of the most villainous characters of Disney+. Well, she’s back, now in Disney’s live-action movie ‘Cruella’.Cruella is a comedy-action movie focusing on the character Cruella de Vil, from ‘101 Dalmations’. The character was evil enough to kill puppies for their furs. Now with Disney’s movie Cruella, we know the origin of her cold-blooded villainous motives behind this.

Cruella: The plot and why to expect its sequel?

“If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.” Disney’s Cruella got released on 28 May in theaters and on Disney+ with premier access. The movie directed by Craig Gillespie, which cast Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil. The movie takes us back to the origin when Cruella is a young girl named Emma. who didn’t want to kill dogs but rather owned one. As the story unfolds, we feel she blames them for an accidental incident, which took the life of her adoptive mother. Soon, she overcomes this incident and joins up with Jasper ( played by Joel Fry ) and Horace ( Paul Walter Hauser ) in scams. She soon gets hired via Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), a renowned fashion designer. And also her biological mother. But she’s also her rival and plays a chief key role in Emma’s transformation.

The end of the movie left us with Cruella surviving the fall and Barbossa getting arrested for her murder. In the post-credit scene, we saw Cruella gifting two Dalmation puppies to Roger and Anita, who have a greater role and ties to Cruella’s origin, the link to Cruella’s 101 Dalmations that will be born!

Cruella 2: The Cast On Their Return

Following the success of the Cruella movie, we can surely expect a sequel to it. In an interview with CinemaBlend, the cast of Cruella opened up .about giving one more shot to their characters if ever Cruella 2 will be filmed.

In the interview, Paul Walter Hauser who played the role of Horrace, one of the Cruella’s henchmen showed his interest in returning to the sequel. Along with Joel fry, who played  Jasper, they shared this mixed feeling of reprising the role in Cruella.

Paul Walter Hauser said that he would love to return if Joel and other people in the whole production unit will do it again. He loved the originality and creativity of the whole cast. and would like to return if the people behind the whole movie will ever do it again. To sum up, Paul believes the fascinating thing about Cruella is the whole awesome cast and whole production unit.

 Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who played the role of Anita Darling in the movie. Also shared her thoughts on reprising her character. She said that it would be interesting to know. where the future goes for Anita and Cruella. And she would love to continue with a sequel.

Well, we will also love to watch more of this live-action of 101 Dalmations.