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Dwayne Johnson Prepares For Black Adam Shoots; Shows Off Huge Thigh Muscles

The star Dwayne Johnson had recently posted pictures where he is flexing his huge thigh muscles. Looks like he is all ready to play the character of “Black Adam” in his upcoming movie. The actor is really excited to be in the movie and cannot wait for the movie to actually release. Stay tuned to know everything about Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson Is Really Excited For “Black Adam”

The movie ‘Black Adam’ is soon going to release. The main character of Black Adam is played by the hot and happening star, Dwayne Johnson. He is really excited for the movie. He made an Instagram post flexing his strong thighs. In the caption, he wrote that this particular movie is one of his great works. He is actually enjoying the shoots. The photo seems to be one from his late-night workout sessions.


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He is all set to play the comic book character in real life. He is working really hard to get in good body structure to maintain a good posture for his movie character “Black Adam”. In the Instagram post which is posted on Monday, May 31, he was preparing for some really intense scenes for his movie. He also stated that there is going to be a scene in the movie, where he is going to be shirtless, flaunting his body muscles.

He also wrote that he has been on extremely hard diets these past months. He has done a lot of workouts and training to do justice to his character of “Black Adam”. Not only that but the star also shared his secret of being so much in posture and shape. He tries to carry out a balance between water, sodium, cardio but in the meantime also figuring the way out to maintain really strong dense, dry, detailed muscle. He applies a lot of scientific techniques to get the required shape. This obviously doesn’t happen overnight, it took him months after months to get the structure he was looking for. His coach also did help him a lot in this whole process. His coach every day keeps good care of his whole workout sessions and strategize daily routines for him which include different type of hard-core workouts and exercises.

The Secret To Dwayne’s Structured Figure

We have seen and noticed that despite the hustle, Dwayne has always been in perfect shape. He is a wrestler and now also an actor. But if we look at his early pictures of WWE as “The Blue Chipper” and compare it with his recent pictures, hardly you will see any difference in his body structure. But coming to his new movie, he said that there will be some extraordinary scenes in the movie Black Adam, for which he had to look absolutely sensational when it comes to his body structure.

He also explained about the actual comic book character, Teth Adam who becomes the immortal ‘champion by the Gods later as the story proceeds. The superhero has a mix of powers of Superman and also dangerous magic power from the wizard’s side. And when he gets those dangerous magic powers, his soul turned dark and becomes the ultimate Black Adam. Thus it looks like the actor is aiming to get really attached to the comic book character.