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Fashion Model Jay Munro Will Appear In Love Island 2021 – Read To Know More

Jay Munro is a fashion model. He is rumored to appear in the Love Island 2021. Love Island is a reality dating show. It started back in the year 2018. The show is streamed in Canada, America as well as in Australia too. The production house has released two seasons of Love Island. The third season. Love Island 2021 is set to be streamed from 7 July 2021.

Love Island is famous for its intense drama and accelerating surprises. In the show, the contestants are termed, Islanders. They all are kept in an Island Villa. The villa becomes isolated from the outer world. The contestants have to retain in the show with the help of their partner. Various dramatic actions and twists take place in the show. These twists and turns and its unique plot make this show popular among the youth generation.

Various stars will be participating in this intense drama show. Some of the yet rumored contestants are  Zack Chugg, Alexis Bailey, Harley Benn, Toluwa Adepeju, James Price, Aimee-Rose Francis, Alisha LeMay, Ellis Iyayi, and Jay Munro too.

Jay Munro comes from Scotland. He is a renowned fashion model and influencer. Apart from this, he plays model roles for the various superstar brands including Adidas, Puma, etc. He has collaborated with the Nevs Model Agency.

Munro has a hardcore fan base on social media handles. He has a whooping no. of followers on Tik Tok and Instagram. His fans go crazy after seeing his new videos on Tik Tok.

Jay Munro’s love for Tattoos

Jay has engraved a lot of tattoos all over his body. Tattoos can be seen on his shoulders, legs, hands, and neck also. This passion for tattoos engraves a new image among the youngsters. Her female fan base gets crazy after seeing his tattoos. Due to his fitness freak image, he is considered to be the next Tommy Fury.

Jay Munro earlier played Professional Football

From his childhood, Jay always dreamt to become a pro footballer. He also played for the Falkirk Youth Team in his early stages. But his later involvement in football made his way to join new teams. He then joined Partick Thistle. Later he left them and signed with the Scottish Professional Football Club Queen of the South.

The immense popularity is enough to prove the suitability of the model in Love Island 2021. Some of the reports from news posts suggested that he will be seen doing his work clearly and efficiently in the show. He will be definitely followed by his female colleagues in the show because of his muscular appearance. The show will definitely rise to the sky in his presence.

Recently the producers of Love Island released two teasers of the show. With the teasers, the show was announced to be premiered on 7 July 2021. It will be shot in Hawaii. As we know that Arielle Vandenberg hosted the previous seasons of the show. For the new season also she is onboard as the Host.

Till the show premiers on 7 July, you must keep yourself updated with the teaser of Love Island 2021. You can watch the teaser of love island 2021 here.


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