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Guitarist Robert Fripp And His Wife Toyah Covers Black Sabbath Paranoid In Their Sunday Lunch Series On Youtube

Guitarist Robert Fripp and his wife Toyah recently launched a new video on Youtube in their Sunday Lunch Series. Robert Fripp is married to Toyah Willcox.  To get rid of boredom amidst COVID-19 lockdown the couple has started a series on YouTube. This Sunday Robert and his wife Toyah added a new video to the series playlist. In this video, he and his wife covered the hard rock classic song Paranoid written by Black Sabbath.

Robert is famous for adopting the Progressive Rock genre. He is a founding member of the Band King Crimson. He is widely admired by the music industry for his great hard work and compatibility. He contributed to more than 700 music releases.

Robert and Toyah’s Sunday Lunch Series

On May 30 his wife released a video on her youtube channel. The video is entitled Toyah & Robert’s Paranoid Halloween Sunday Lunch. In the video, the couple is seen performing the tune. The whole contrast is set in the Kitchen. Sidney Jake is also seen in the video. He is playing the guitar while wearing a mask on his face. The video is currently available on Robert’s wife Toyah’s youtube channel.

You must see their exciting video Robert Fripp and his wife Toyah covers Paranoid below:

All the three people in the video wore an extremely funny and outrageous costume. While they perform one can see feathers that are swinging here and there as an additional visual effect.

Robert and Toyah’s Plan in Lockdown

Robert and his wife started Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch series recently. In this, they regularly update their videos recreating various memorable kinds of music and songs. The couple always takes their Kitchen as the studio. In this condition of the Pandemic, when England’s situation is really bad, they are trying their best to engage people in some entertainment. As the outer condition is enough to discourage people.

In a recent interview, Robert said, “Essentially, when things are really bad in England, what you do is begin laughing and do silly things,”.

He also added that “A good reference point is the Ministry of Silly Walks on Monty Python. Now it’s, ‘Robert puts on a tutu and dances to Swan Lake at the river’s edge with his wife.’ So I have followed my wife’s sense and vision of these things.”

The couple goals to reduce anxiety through these videos

While his wife added confidently that it is a must for our generation to move our bodies. As we are in our respective homes and not going outside, performing these videos adds excitement and confidence. She appreciates the steps taken by her husband. This is the first time when the couple is posting such videos on Youtube as both are not that social media-friendly.

Earlier the couple released various other pieces of music such as  Rock you like a Hurricane, Enter the Sandman, Satisfaction, and many more. Their all videos are funny enough to reduce your boredom and enlighten your mood. Along with the funny side, they also keep in mind to not destroy the original music. The videos not only refresh you but also engraves the good old music.