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Michael B. Jordan Is Sneaking Cheat Meals In Early Morning As He Trains For “Creed”

Do you fantasize about food? I can’t say about everyone, but our “Black Panther” actor, Michael B. Jordan is sure a foodie. He also accepts his love for food whenever people ask. However, being an actor, he always has to keep his physique maintained. And if we see, all the roles he played till now demanded a fit body.

Although Michael kept training and maintained his diet for his work, he was not always honest. Michael revealed that he never gave up on the food but sacrificed on the sleeping part to have cheat meals. Let’s get a closer look at Michael’s way of training.

Michael B. Jordan

Earlier Works: Micheal B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan first made an appearance on television dramas including HBO’s The Wire, ABC’s All My Children, and NBC’s Friday Night Lights. His big-screen performances were in Chronicle, Red Tails, Just Mercy, That Awkward Moment, Fantastic Four, and so on.

Michael has once been on the list of 100 most influential people on Times Magazine in 2020. And all his works as an actor and producer were impeccable. He is most known for his roles in Balck Panther, Creed, Without Remorse, and Fruitvale Station. The actor also respired his role in Creed’s sequel, Creed II. And now, he is all set to make his directional debut alongside respiring his role in Creed III.

Michael Jordan

Food Cravings: Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan revealed about his diet training, recently. He always accepts his love for food and talked about it in a recent interview. He said that he used to wake up an hour early so that he can have two breakfasts. Even with his strict diet while training for the demanding roles he played, he made sure that he had his soul at bliss.

Michael even went to his favorite breakfast place to have some French Toast, eggs, and so on a few times. Whenever he craved for something like that, he never kept his tummy unhappy. Well, that’s a sign of a true foodie but for that, he had to train harder later.

Michael B. Jordan and His Parents

Cooking: Michael B. Jordan

The pandemic and following lockdown proved to be something that pushed Michael into cooking. As the actor couldn’t visit his favorite places to dine, he learned to cook. And you will be amazed at how much Michael has advanced in his Pasta making skills.

Do you know Michael B. Jordan now has his own restaurant? At least, he is pretending that for his parents. He makes pasta dishes and then packs them up like a takeaway before dropping them off at his parents’. But the point of his cooking is not to send it to others, but to eat them. Michael’s skill proved to be a boon to his tummy as he now gained some flesh over the lockdown.

Even when Michael has ruined a bit of his body by eating whatever he feels like eating, we know that he will soon be back to his normal physique. A of now, take a look at a few snaps from Philip Schofield and Andi Peters’s lunch reunion.