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A$AP Rocky Releasing “Stockholm Syndromre” A Documentary About His Sweden Arrest

A$AP Rocky’s extended stint in Sweden’s capital Stockholm already got into international media’s headlines in 2019. Now, the popular American rapper is all set to release his documentary “Stockholm Syndrome” based on this tragic incident.

As the title suggests, “Stockholm Syndrome” will majorly reflect on the part, when the rapper had spent more than a month in Stockholm’s jail. The Documentary will also take us into the deeper of whole stardom, popularity, fans, fame, and limelight-centric to have mentally adapting being crashed behind bars. The documentary on A$AP’s life will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 13, 2021.

A$AP Rocky: Timeline of rapper’s assault case

A$AP Rocky

In 2019, A$AP Rocky AKA Rakim Mayer landed in huge bickering during his tour to Stockholm (Sweden’s capital city). The rapper was in the city to perform at Smash Festival in July 2019. However, his tour changed into one of his nightmares. when he got locked up in the county’s jail for over a month.

The rapper, along with his two associates were accused of aggravated assault in the country. He, along with Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers got .arrested by Sweden’s Police on the charge of assault with two unknown men during a fight. Soon after the incident, the rapper’s all performances were pulled off as he got arrested.

The incident pulled a lot of 0f media attention and many renowned personalities vocally supported A$AP Rocky. To name a few, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Tyler, The Creator, Justin Beiber. and Donald Trump.

After being held in prison for over a month, A$AP was finally found guilty in court. Although, he got released as he didn’t need to be in jail for additional time. The rapper himself had called this tough period in his life “difficult and humbling”.

A$AP Rocky’s Stockholm Syndrome: Release Date and other Things to Know

A$AP Rocky,Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome will be 105 mins movie, directed by The Architects. The documentary on the life of A$AP’s life will have visuals from his live concerts, his contemporary interviews, and animations. It will take the viewers into the rapper’s “the meteoric rise…. before taking a detour into darkness.”

The documentary will release on June 13th, 2021 at Tribeca Film Festival. The movie is part of the Juneteenth program. The movie will have many celebrity stars featuring into the movie. To name a few, it will have the presence of Kim Kardashian. Michèle Lamy, A$AP Ferg Naomi Campbell. Tyler The Creator along with A$AP Rocky.

Tribeca’s Senior Programmer Film & Immersive, Laron Hammond described. the documentary movie as to how the artist’s stardom rose and fell in this international tragic incident. Additionally, he even called out that this incident even awoke political agendas. And how the rapper got trapped in between stardom, the Swedish Judicial system, and even political scenario.

A$AP Rocky: On his documentary Stockholm Syndrome.

Sometimes, Rihana’s boyfriend A$AP has been vocal about his experience and trauma. In quite a few interviews, he spoke about the incident. Once told that when he was in jail, the rapper used to feel like no one cares. But he was overwhelmed by the support and love his fans gave him during his tough time.  “And I prayed! I really wanted to bless that situation and move on from it in a positive way. I was praying to stay strong, and God got me through shit like it was nothing! That shit was nothing.”

A$AP Rocky

Finally, the rapper got released following a rigorous #FreeRocky campaign. Now, after whole two years, the rapper will release the. Documentary on the incident. You can buy tickets for the movie here.