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Dirty John Season 3: Release Date And Renewal Schedule, Cast, Plot, And Storyline

A Netflix series that got into talks for a dark plot was Dirty John, especially the second season. The viewers enjoyed it and now we are in for a discussion about Dirty John Season 3. Just so you know, it is from the “true-crime” genre.

The series aired both seasons with a gap of at least two years and had eight episodes each. The first season got the direction from Jeffrey Reiner only but the second season has more than only one director. Maggie Kiley, Meera Menon, Shannon Kohli, and Kat Candler directed the plot for a couple of episodes each. Even the showrunner Alexandra Cunningham directed one episode for the second season. Let us see what will be the structure for the third season.

Dirty John Season 3- Release

Release Date: Dirty John Season 3

Bravo and USA Network were the original distributor of the Dirty Season series, each for one season. The first and second seasons proved to be a success for the streaming platform, Netflix. However, till now we don’t have any news on the renewal of the series for a third season. Even if USA Network does not renew Dirty John Season 3, Netflix will probably pick it up. Or maybe, some other platform or network can pick the series up.

Therefore, from the looks of it, the third installment seems to have a good chance. As for the release date, we are looking forward to it as much as you are. After the renewal news is confirmed, we can guess the release date.

Dirty John Season 3- Cast

Cast: Dirty John Season 3

As the series has been anthology for all this time, so the star cast was different for both seasons. The first season cast included Connie Britton and Eric Bana, while the second season cast included Amanda Peet and Christian Slater. And looking at the cast of Season 1 and Season 2, it sure seems that we will have high-profile artists playing the characters. As Dirty John Season 3 is not confirmed yet, there is no clue about the cast of the season.

Dirty John Season 3- Plot

Plot: Dirty John Season 3

There are no spoilers for the plot yet. However, in the prequels, we saw how a love story turned into a crime story. They both started with sweet romantic love and ended with cold-blooded murder. Most of the fans will contemplate the same for the next season.

But the showrunner of the series revealed that unlike the previous love stories getting wrecked, this season will show a wrecked love among family members. The members of the family will also suffer a lot due to troubled love relations. It seems that Alexandra Cunningham has something in mind which will definitely make fans’ wait worth it.

Dirty John Season 3- Storyline

Storyline: Dirty John Season 3

We followed an eccentric and controlling man in the first season and based on a pod-cast it followed the storyline. John seemed to be into Debra so much that it could be called an obsession. They got married within a month, and the rest is known to the viewers.

In the second season, we followed Betty Broderick. We saw how an ex-husband got murdered along with his new wife by the lady. It was pretty heartless, wasn’t it? The viewers do have their own conception for the series, let us know in the comments. For now, get Outlander Season 6 updates on The CineTalk.