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Law School Season 1 Finale: Release Date, Upcoming Plot, Spoilers and Storyline

If you are someone who got affected by Korean Hallyu, then Law School Season 1 is waiting to get discovered by you. The writer Seo In brings out one of the best of all legal dramas, while Kim Seok-Yoon directs the pilot. The series aired on 14 April 2021 and had a run of fifteen episodes till now, and now is all set to air the finale.

Kim Bum, Lee Jung-Eun, Kim Myung-nim, and Ryu Hye-young starred in this Korean drama series. And till now, the series has got a good reception from the viewers. Let us dive into the sixteenth episode, aka, the finale of Law School Season 1 together.

Law School Season 1

Release Date: Law School Season 1

The finale of Law School Season 1 will be only a couple of days from now. To be exact, we will watch it on 9 June 2021. The exact time of its release on Netflix is 3 am ET. But this is the time and streaming platform where international viewers can watch the show. As for the locals, they do get to take the first look at the episode. So to all the South Korean viewers, tune in to JTBC and watch it before the Netflix release.

Law School- Cast

Cast: Law School Season 1

All the below-mentioned cast and characters will be having the maximum screen time in the finale as compared to the rest of the characters.

  • The role of Yang Jong-Hoon will be played by Kim Myung-Nim.
  • Rue Hye-Young will portray Kang Sol A.
  • The character of Kim Eun-sook will be played by Lee Jung-Eun.
  • Assemblyman Ko, aka, Ko Hyeong-su will be played by Jung Won-Joong

Law School- Plot

Plot: Law School Season 1

As a finale, the sixteenth episode will bring a close to Law School Season 1’s story. Assemblyman Ko will be brought to justice by Professor Yang and his students. We are still waiting for Assemblyman Ko’s confession. The Prosecutor and Professor Kim will have a battle in the courtroom, probably. However, Kang Sol A’s troubles and hardships seem unending.

Even if we get the confession from Assemblyman Ko, there might be some loose storylines in the end. It seems like we can have some cliffhangers that can promise us a probable next season. Write down a comment and let us know, what do you think can happen in the finale?

Law School- Storyline

Storyline: Law School Season 1

There is nothing like what we saw between the Hankuk University Law School students and Assemblyman Ko. The clash among them was above the thermometer’s parameters. Prosecutor Jin is also in a tight spot as Professor Yang spill all the beans. They will never be at peace, will they?

There is a lot of drama including how the twins reunite, their exchange, and the outcome. Assemblyman Ko’s crimes come to light too. He ends up getting arrested along with those who helped him influence the comments on social media for him.

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