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Diana Lovejoy: Her Life After Her Imprisonment – What Is She Doing Now?

Diana Lovejoy is the prime accused in one of the most horrendous and scary cases in the history of America. Diana was accused of a failed murder attempt by his ex-husband Greg Mulvihill. She called Greg from an unknown number and called him to a wasteland spot in Carlsbad. There a failed assassination attempt was done on him.

Diana’s Earlier Life

Diana worked as a fitness coordinator and used to upload various YouTube Videos. Apart from this, she participated in various triathlons. Most of her YouTube Videos taught us to create a quick and healthy meal with the help of various scratch products. But after she was proven guilty she became the woman who tried to kill the father of her own son.

The marriage of Diana and Greg lasted for 7 Years. In those seven years, Diana had to face 8 birth miscarriages. Diana gave birth to her son after several health dilemmas and issues. But various household problems and increasing stress between the couple resulted in their divorce.

Stresses Between Diana And Greg

In summer 2016, the court ruled that Diana had to share custody of their son with Greg. And she also has to pay 100 Dollars monthly for child support. She already had to pay a sum of 120,000 dollars to her ex-husband as his share from their family house at Carlsbad. And as a consequence, Lovejoy had to sell her condo in Encinitas to pay that large amount of money to Greg.

On 4th September 2016, an unknown no. called Greg. The person on the other side claimed himself as a private investigator. He called Greg to tell him some confidential information about their divorce battle. Greg and his friend Jason Kovach went to the dirt path of Avenida Soledad. At the spot, he has shot a bullet in his torso but the bullet missed his heart and as a result, he survived the fatal assassination.

Imprisonment Of Diana

After the investigation, it was revealed that Diana and her lover Weldin McDavid planned to kill Greg. She attempted to kill her ex-husband because she neither want to share the custody of her son nor she wants to give 120,000 dollars to Greg.

Both Diana and McDavid were found guilty of the crime. She got imprisonment for 26 years while Greg was sentenced to 50 years in jail. Diana’s Aunt stated in the court that her niece asked for a person who can scare or kill Greg. This was the most strong piece of evidence against Diana and McDavid.

After hearing her imprisonment Diana fainted in the courtroom. Both of them also had to pay a sum of a Half Million Dollars to Greg as punitive damages. Diana is held at Chowchilla’s Women’s Prison since February 2018.