DOM Season 2
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Dom Season 2: When Will It Release? Here Are The Updates!

When we hear that a series or movie is based on a true event, we automatically get interested in it. Although most of the time they are horror movies or dramas today we have a crime thriller for you. DOM season 1 concluded on Amazon Prime a few months back. Is it time for DOM Season 2 already?

We have got all about the second season of this Brazilian script that will grip you into binge-watching. Take a closer look at what can be DOM’s probable future.

DOM Season 2- Release

Release Date: DOM Season 2

As of now, we have received no announcement of renewal or cancellation of the series. In this situation, we can not predict a release date, but let us be hopeful. Now, if things go according to time frame, then we have seen that Amazon Prime releases two subsequent seasons with a gap of at least 16- 18 months.

If we go according to this and get a bit naive to think that they will wind everything up as early as possible, then the release of DOM Season 2 can be in late 2022. Now all of this depends on what Amazon Prime decides.

Cast: DOM Season 2

If we look in the story, we can see almost the whole cast returning for DOM Season 2, if it happens. Just so we have a list, we can look forward to seeing the character of Pedro Dom being played by Gabriel Leone. As for Pedro’s father, Victor Dantes, Flavio Tolezani will play the part.

Isabella Santoni will portray the character of Vivane. Paulo de Melo and Raquel Villar will be portraying the roles of Biriba and Jasmin respectively. We might have some new characters as Pedro and Vivane will surely meet new people.

DOM Season 2- Plot

Plot: DOM Season 2

Fans can guess that the plot will start where season one concluded. As Victor is sure that his son might never return, considering the newspaper headlines. Jasmin is still pregnant with Pedro’s baby while he is on run. In the picture from the newspaper, we saw that Pedro has a gun pointed at Vivane’s head.

When it all happened in the club, the people in the club had their own perceptions of the incident. We might get to see that what happens to Pedro and Vivane. Also, how is life for Jasmine now? Let us not leave Victor out of the picture, he will be judged in society, won’t he be? Comment down your thoughts on the plot and let’s share.

DOM Season 2- Storyline

Storyline: DOM Season 2

The story is said to be based on a true event that happened in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the 2000s. It revolves around a father-son relationship that seems complex and weary but actually is deep and loving. Pedro, a teenager who likes to go with his instinct and take on dangers is, now a drug addict. While Victor is the father of Pedro and an undercover policeman who specializes in anti-drugs.

Throughout his career, Victor brought justice and peace to many lives who were in danger due to drugs and the mafia, but when his own son did such things, he was shocked. Still, he tries to be there for his son Pedro and never gives up on him. As the story unfolds, we find several other aspects of the story including drama and action sequels.

If you like suspense and also have an interest in a story based on true events, then DOM is sure worth watching. Meanwhile, HBO’s Mare of Easttown Season 2 is something that fans might want, but will it happen?