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Big Announcement From Tyler Perry: “Madea” Is Returning To Netflix With Her 12th Film

All the fans of Madea, it’s time to celebrate! Tyler Perry recently announced that our beloved character -Madea is coming back. The character will return to the movie”A Madea Homecoming” on Netflix next year.

Tyler Perry announces “Madea” is Back :

Tyler Perry took to Instagram to announce the revival of the character. On June 8, 2021, Tyler posted a short clip of the announcement. In the clip, Tyler was dubbing his voice in the middle to Madea’s voice giving hilariously hints, at first. Soon, in Madea’s voice, Tyler announced “This is Madea, and I’m coming back..”. Yes, too much is going in the country and we need to laugh! Tyler is right. Soon after his post, fans of Madea showered LOL and showed their excitement in the comment section. Check out Tyler Perry’s Instagram post :


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A Madea Homecoming: Everything To Know

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In 2019, the rumors broke that our beloved character will retire soon. making “A Madea Family Funeral” to be the last movie in the franchise. On the premiere day of “A Madea Family Funeral”, Perry had talked about retiring the character and moving on, with other different projects. However, it seems that we are not done yet with the character. For over two decades, Madea has made us laugh. and now she’s returning back! The fans are really super excited and filled with joy for the upcoming movie.

Soon after the announcement made by Perry,  Netflix also confirmed the news. The OTT platform shared Perry’s Instagram post on its Instagram Story through the official Netflix  Instagram handle. The upcoming movie featuring Madea is titled ” A Madea Homecoming“. As per the reports, Tyler Perry himself, will write the plot, act as Madea, and produce the movie. Well, we all know what kin performer is Perry as he owns the Entertainment Industry! The movie will be shot at Perry’s studio. It is expected to premiere on Netflix in the year 2022.

Tyler Perry- And his character “Madea”

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Tyler Perry is well known for creating the comic and funny character “Madea”. Madea is described as tough. However, she will also make you laugh to tears with her hilarious sarcasm, comments, dialogues, and personality. The character first debuted from the play “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” in 1999. Afterward, the character has appeared in a number of plays, movies, animated films, and TV series. The character also got its own franchise with eleven movies and 20 plays in the franchise. The upcoming movie “A Madea Homecoming” will be the 12th movie in the installment.

Tyler Perry’s Other Upcoming Projects:

With “A Madea Homecoming” in 2022, Perry also has other. upcoming movies, animated films, and TV shows on his way. Some of the other projects of Perry which are not distant enough include:

  • Paw Patrol-The Movie: The upcoming “Paw Patrol” movie will release on August 20th, 2021.with Perry playing as a side character. Recently, Perry also took social media to share the Trailor of the upcoming movie for kids. 
  • All The Queen’s Men: Tyler Perry is going to produce the series, which will premier in late august,2021.
  • Don’t Look Up – Perry will appear in a supporting role of Jack Bremmer in this dark-comedy movie.