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Looks Like Graham Norton Made A New Resolution, He Said He Won’t Be Doing Roasting On Air Anymore

Graham Noton and his Roasting.

Our well-known comedian Graham William Walker is also better known by his stage name Graham Norton. We all know he’s the best Irish actor one could ask for he’s also have many abilities to be an Author, Comedian, Commentator, and presenter. He’s well known for his comedian work as far as we know. And he’s also a five-time BAFTA TV Award Winner for his comedy chat show which is “The Graham Norton Show” and he’s also an Eight-Time Award winner overall.

He’s also the best writer one could ask for his one book got so famous and it was titled “The Sunday Times bestseller” it was A Keeper and he also wrote Holding and MORE too which were basically on the self-developing genre books and yeah sometimes comedy too.

This 58-year-old Irish man is also best at introducing new comedian shows his one of the best shows is “The Graham Norton Show” which first aired in 2007. And he also made many shows which were Father Ted which was a hit from 1995-1998 and he also made it into some TV shows. His current hit was Soul which was released in 2020 and another project he did in 2020 was the Eurovision song contest. These are the best works he git on his top list and the list never stops.

The Graham Norton show was originally shown on BBC Two and they moved to another slot on BBC one this show was succeeded Friday night with Jonathan Ross on BBC and also they git their on’s prestigious late Friday evening slot in 2020.

He represented the Saturday morning slot on BBC Radio 2 which happened From 2010 to 2020. And after that 2021 represented to do on Virgin Radio UK. And this is the period he works for since 2009, he has been the BBC’s television commenter for the Eurovision song contest, which led Hotpress to describe him as the very best of “the 21st century’s answer to Terry Wogan”. And he was quite famous when he phrased out his innuendo-laden dialogue and flamboyant presentation style. And he also had his own production company and in 2012 he sold his company to ITV his company name was “So Television”. And it made him get $17 million around. And after that in 2019, he became a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

He started his debut in 1992 with his stand-up comedy event. And dragged an act as a tea towel-clad mother Teresa of Calcutta. And he was mostly seen in the TV shows of the production company BBC. And he also had his career on going on the Radio stream since 1999. As his comedy show ” The Graham Norton Show” is quite famous as all we knew he used to roast celebrities in the show. As for now, he made a statement that he won’t be going to do roasting anymore. As his fans didn’t seem to like the concept.

Graham opened up about the situation he’s in on his decision to stop poking around and roasting the celebs he said that he won’t be doing it anymore as his viewers don’t find it funny and he also said that his writers won’t let him do all the quips about celebs.

Which made speaking on Radio 4’s on Homestretch he also said that he won’t be able to make fun of people who he didn’t even meet and after you meet them you get to know that they are super fun and nice or they are nice persons.

And he also stated that his writing will be saying that “now you met them, so now we can’t be able to do jokes on them anymore”.

He also said that the genre of roasting comedy isn’t quite popular these days and people get offended as they hear all these sarcastic comedy roasting. So he said it’s better to step off from this genre. And then he opened up about the dangers of social media and how this platform gave normal people to talk names and shout names at television shows. That’s why he thought about giving up the roasting section in his show.