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Manifest Season 4: Renewal Shedule And Release Date Confirmed? Everything To Know

‘Manifest’ is a supernatural drama series produced and created by Jeff Rake. The story of the movie happens to be exactly right. The third season recently ended and since then people have been asking about the fourth season. It has received mixed reviews. But the question stays whether we will get a fourth season or not?

Manifest Season 4: When Can The New Season Release?

‘Manifest’ season 3 was released back on April 1, 2021, on NBC, while the season ended on June 10, 2021. The third season consituted of 13 episodes that were of about 42–49 minutes each.NBC is yet to officially announce whether there will be a fourth season or not.

According to some resources, initially there have to be total six seasons for the show. But nothing is said on a sure note yet. Though the organizers are determined to carry on the series on NBC network. With love from the audience, it also received bad reviews from the critics. So it’s really a big question whether we have a fourth season on line or not!

The ultimate decision of the renewal lies in the hands of Susan Rovner. She is incharge of the whole thing. She happens to be the President of Warner Bros. But later she joined the Television Group and then further she took over as the Chairman of the Entertainment Content for NBCUniversal’s Television and Streaming division probably around October 2020. Usually, new seasons of ‘Manifest’ arrive after a gap of almost a year or so and the plot follows the previous season’s ending point. Therefore, we can say if the show is renewed soon, we can get the upcoming ‘Manifest’ season 4 by Summer 2022.

Manifest Season 4: Probably Plot

In season 3, we saw the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 continue to deal with the repercussions and the consequences of their disappearance. They all try to reintegrating and get back to normalcy in their regular lives. But unfortunately, Their “Callings” continue to come to indulge in their lives. During the end of the season, we saw Olive getting reunited with her family, just a scene before Cal runs away. Friction and problems come between Jared and Michaela due to mistrust as they try to help the passengers overcome the deadly situation. Michaela also on the other hand follows her Calling and thus manages to stop a passenger from doing something really harmful. In this whole process of helping their loved one, Vance and Jared know some disturbing facts.

If there is the fourth season online, we will witness the future of the Stone family. What will happen next? Will Vance and Jared overcome their past and will they move on from what they have come to know in the third season’s last episode? Meanwhile, Ben and Saanvi have ganged up and gone against Eureka and the laws of nature. Thus they are trapped and now they might have to face the music. All this and other really shocking things will get unfold in the next season. Let’s hope the show receives a greenlit for another installment.