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The Chi Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date: Here Are The Insights!

Lena Waithe’s 2018 series, The Chi first premiered on Showtime. The pilot about South Chicago’s life got direction from Rick Famuyiwa. Ever since its release in 2018, the drama series released ten episodes per season and has completed three seasons. It got renewed for a fourth season and The Chi Season 4 is currently in the run.

The Chi was nominated for a few awards and won one of them in 2018. Fans also showered love and applause on the series which now stands with an approval rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes. As mentioned above, The Chi Season 4 is currently airing. The next episode will be episode 4, and we have got some insights for the episode here.

Release Date: The Chi Season 4 Episode 4

The first episode of The Chi Season 4 aired on Showtime on 23 May 2021. Till now, the show has followed a weekly release of one episode as the second episode aired on 30 May 2021 and the third episode aired on 6 June 2021. Therefore, the fourth episode of the series season 4 will air on 13 June 2021 followed by the fifth one on 20 June 2021. Make sure you turn on the Showtime channel and do not miss out.

The Chi Season 4- Cast

Cast: The Chi Season 4

The following artists are seen playing some major roles in The Chi Season 4:

  • Jacob Latimore playing the role of Emmett Washington.
  • Alex Hibbert playing the role of Kevin Williams.
  • Yolonda Ross playing the role of Emmett’s mother as Jada Washington.
  • Michael V. Epps playing the role of Jake Taylor.
  • Shamon Brown Jr. playing the role of Stanley Jackson, aka, Papa.
  • Luke James playing the role of Victor Taylor, aka, Trig.
  • Birgundi Baker playing the role of Kiesha Williams.
  • Curtiss Cook playing the role of Otis Perry, aka, Dauda.

The Chi Season 4- Plot

Plot: The Chi Season 4 Episode 4

Spoilers Alert: The upcoming episode will show us the consequences of Emmett and Tiff being open about their relationship. Emmett might waver in episode four as new partners enter the picture. It also seems like Jada’s plans won’t go as smoothly as we thought. We will also see more of Dauda and Tracy as they are in the initial phase and still opening up to each other. We hope that things go north with them. What do you think of it?

The Chi Season 4- Storyline

Recap of the Previous Episodes: The Chi Season 4

In the third episode of The Chi Season 4, we saw how a nosy schoolteacher asks Kevin and Jake to write an essay on their experience with police assault. While Jake is reluctant to do this task, Kevin agrees. When asked by Jemma to go visit her school and narrate the same, Kevin declines but Jake agrees. Emmett learns about Tiff sleeping with her client while Tiff wants to be in an open relationship with Emmett.

When Imani witnesses an oppressive situation, she seeks Trig’s intervening but he is rather reluctant. At the same time, Nuck reveals that Imani is a transgender to Shaad. Meanwhile, Tracy and Douda have something going on but get interrupted by Roselyn. Also read about Netflix’s upcoming Vikings: Valhalla Season 1, a spin-off of History’s Vikings series.