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Amy Schumer Has A Doppelganger – Photos Of Doppelganger Truck Driver Amelia Go Viral Over The Internet

The fans of Amy Schumer went mad after a photograph of Amy’s lookalike went viral. That photograph received an intense amount of surprise from people and the fans. Even Amy herself became stunned after seeing this on social media. Let us take you deeper into this drama which almost grasped the heart of people and received an overwhelming response from them.

Amy Schumer’s doppelganger Is A Truck Driver

An image of Amelia who is considered to be doppelgänger of the famous standup comedian Amy Schumer. In the photo, Amelia is cited as a truck driver. It is said that she often makes stop at the Truckstop in Clay County. The Tennessee Truck shop is dubbed the name Celina 52 Truck Shop. This photograph was shared by the Twitter handle of the alleged Truck Stop.

While the various newspapers reported that the name of the gas station is fake. One can see that the woman in the image resembles similar to the actress of the widely acclaimed movie Snatched.

The Twitter handle of the Celina 52 Truck Stop wrote “Who says only men can drive trucks??” “Big Rig driver Amelia stopped in this morning to turn in her Cranking The Hog Reward Points and redeemed this brand new mini fridge valued at over $500 due to the Monster Energy branding. Thanks for continuing to let us serve you!”

And within the moments the tweet was shared among fans of Amy. The image went viral as the forest fire. Fans and Users referenced the famous comedian Amy and hit thousands of likes on the post.

The Post Mentioned Amy’s Doppelganger As An Arrogant Driver

The truck stop continued in the post “Prize winner Amelia wanted us to point out that her teardrop tattoo is not because she murdered anyone”. It acclaimed that”She accidentally killed a pedestrian once after falling asleep at the wheel and got the tattoo to honor their memory.”

This was written by the truck stop because there is a notable difference between Amy and her doppelganger. Amy’s doppelganger has a teardrop tattoo on her face. This cites a clear difference between the actress and her twin.

While according to some media publication houses, the Celina 52 truck stop is a fake account. It is also stated that it is not a real gas station. They claimed that the Celina 52 Truck Stop is the only single gas station in the “Weaber Valley Region.” According to them, Celina 52 is a dummy name of the actual truck stop. The actual stop is located in Upper Cumberland, Tennessee. The dummy name of the truck stop was taken to prevent offensive and racist content and comments.

Previous Doppelganger Incidents

If we talk about some earlier and previous cases of the doppelganger of famous personalities. You must know that in 2019 a doppelganger of famous actor and director David Schwimmer gained huge popularity. In an image shared by the police officers, David was seen stealing some cans of beer.

After seeing the image Schwimmer literally got frozen. In his defense of the image, Schwimmer wrote a post citing the image. He wrote “Officers, I swear it wasn’t me. As you can see, I was in New York. To the hardworking Blackpool Police, good luck with the investigation. #itwasntme.”