Dr. Stone Season 3
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Dr. Stone Season 3: Release Date And Everything About The Upcoming Anime Season

If you are fond of animes then can you name any that are without action parts? If not, then Dr. Stone can be the one for you. Riichori Inagaki’s writing got illustrations from Boichi and the first season of the animation was aired in 2019. The series first aired in Japan in Japanese and then in other places in English dubbing. Fans enjoyed the second season as much as they enjoyed the first one, and now they will be having the bliss to enjoy Dr. Stone Season 3.

Dr. Stone Season 3- Release

Release Date: Dr. Stone Season 3

The first season of the anime series started airing on 5 July 2019. The second season aired almost one and a half years later in the first half of 2021, to be precise on 14 January 2021. If the next season follows the same schedule then fans have to wait till mid-2022 for it. For now, they can get some satisfaction from the teaser of season three.

Dr. Stone Season 3- Casts

Voice Cast and Characters: Dr. Stone Season 3

Almost everyone from the season one and two casts will again lend their voices to the respective characters. Senku will get his voice from Yusuke Kobayashi for the Japanese language. Aaron Dismuke will voice Senku in the English language. The character of Taiju receives its English voice from Ricco Fajardo and the Japanese voice from Makoto Furukawa.

Other voice artists who will recur in season 3 will be Felecia Angelle, Gen Sato, Brandon McInnis, Ayumu Murase, Brittany Lauda, and Manami Numakura. Do you think that there might be a few new introductions in Dr. Stone Season 3? If this happens then we will have some new voice-over artists as well.

Dr. Stone Season 3- Plot

Plot: Dr. Stone Season 3

The adventures of Senku and his friends will go on in the next season. Following the manga, Dr. Stone Season 3 will be based on the ” Age of Exploration” arc. In this part, Senku and others together build a strong ship named Persues and will explore the different parts of the world. During their venture, they will do more inventions and discover other things in their way. They will also try to find the reason behind why human civilization turned into rocks. Do you think they will get some hints?

Dr. Stone Season 3- Storyline

Storyline: Dr. Stone Season 3

The plot revolves around two characters named Senku and Taiju. On one weird day, a flash of light petrified the whole human civilization and are turned it into stones. When Senku wakes up he notices this strange occurrence. Now both Senku and Taiju are working on finding the root of how everything happened and also re-establish humanity. Their gifted scientific minds and strong personalities and discoveries will try to mend everything. They will strive to reverse whatever happened and made everyone turn into stones.

Just so everyone knows, the series is not coming to an end this soon and fans surely expect at least one or two more seasons of Dr. Stone. For now, check out the black comedy-drama, Fargo Season 5, an upcoming season. Make sure to check out The CineTalk regularly for more such updates.