Ewan McGregor Remembers His Sobriety Period: Acclaims That The Period Provided Him Inner Peace

Actor Ewan McGregor has recently reflected on his addiction to alcohol along with his 21 years of sobriety. Ewan who is famous for his amazing portrayal in various films and music shows passed through a difficult phase earlier.

Ewan is currently acting as an American fashion designer in the mini-series Halston. The series is currently streaming on the online platform Netflix. In the series, Ewan plays the role of the main character and protagonist Halston. The series is acquired from the book titled as Simply Halston. It is written by Steven Gaines. 

Ewan McGregor Earlier Portrayed The Role Of A Heroin Addict

McGregor played the role of the heroin-addicted person in the film Trainspotting. The movie was released in the year of 1996. He admits while talking about the experience of that film that “I didn’t realize I would end up with addiction problems myself then. I became sober in 2000. So now, when I’m looking at characters who are addicts, I look at it through a different lens of understanding it more. An everyday part of my life is being sober.”

The film Trainspotting deeply hit the heart of people. As the concept of the film was really true and resembled similar to the lives of addicted people. But as Mcgregor had not tried Heroin earlier, so to get into the role he drunk alcohol. He also met with the heroin-addicted people at Glasgow to know about their life and vicious cycle.

McGregor Passes The Sobriety Period

Furthermore, Mcgregor acclaims the fact that after walking from the addiction for so many years. It becomes very much difficult to come out from that web of alcohol. It becomes very cunning to live in sobriety for so many years. But as Mcgregor admits that we will definitely become the person we used to earlier without being addicted.

He added: “But at the same time, it’s quite an important part because it’s given me such joy and happiness and peace in a way I didn’t have before I was sober. It’s interesting to do all those lines of coke and all those cigarettes and shots that Halston was doing and just being glad they weren’t real. Just being happy about that, but understanding it.”

McGregor’s Current Mini-Series Halston

Halston is currently streaming on Netflix. It received mixed critics reviews from the reviewers. As McGregor earlier stated that he wants to portray more roles of the people who are going through any addiction to drugs or alcohol in their lives. The series Halston perform extraordinarily and does the work significantly.

On talking about Halston the acknowledged reviewer  Kevin EG Perry wrote: “The show leaves us in no doubt of Halston’s genius, and the sequences in which we see him conjure sublime dresses out of simple fabric are often unexpectedly moving.

He appreciated the series for its well-stitched storyline and the dilemma by adding, “Yet for all the sex and drugs that surround it, the story itself ends up feeling somewhat sanitized. As one of its titular character’s own designs, Halston is clean, sleek, and beautiful to look at – but you might find yourself wishing it was a little messier around the edges.”

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