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Hong Kong Issues New Guidelines To Censor Films On The Basis Of National Security Threat

Hong Kong government passes the new guidelines for the censorship of films to protect National Security. These new guidelines acted as a huge blow to the democratic freedoms in the country. The newly issued guidelines will become effective immediately just after their release. These new rules resemble similar to the National Security Law imposed in China last year. These guidelines will prevent protests after being motivated by a film or movie.

New Censorship Guidelines For Films Will Be Threat To Freedom Of Expression

The authorities of self-ruled Hong Kong announced the expansion of film censorship laws. Under the new rules and according to these guidelines If any film or any activity which may lead to a danger for National Security will be banned from the exhibition. It is also said that if a film objectively or reasonably endorses, promotes, or provides any support to activities leading to breaches in National Security will be censored and prevented from any private screening.

The new guidelines state “When considering a film as a whole and its effect on the viewers, the censor should have regard to his duties to prevent and suppress acts or activities endangering national security, and the common responsibility of the people of Hong Kong to safeguard the sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China,”.

While these new guidelines will act as an assault on the democratic ethics of Hong Kong. Hong Kong serves as the financial hub of Asia. But these new rules and regulations have descriptively affected the image of the government. These rules will be seen as a detention for the freedom of expression in Hong Kong.

Lesser Growth In Hong Kong Cinematic Universe Since Previous Decades

Most of the films screened in Hong Kong are based on the Chinese mainland. While very few films and documentaries from the western side of the world are premiered there. Most western films are considered a threat to the security of Hong Kong.

Earlier the film Censorship board of Hong Kong had a lighter touch. In the last century, enormous films and thrilling acts were hosted by the city. The cinema of Hong Kong was admitted as one of the best in the world cinemas. But in the recent decades of the century mostly Chinese and South Korean films have acquired power in Hong Kong Cinema.

Incidents When Films And Events Were Prevented From Public Screening

But deprived of all these facts and issues some of the people still want to promote mainland-style cinema. They want to provide substantial growth to the culture of Hong Kong. As the Cinemas are one of the most powerful weapons to promote and engross the interest of people. And some of the key studios and directors are doing their work prominently to promote the culture of Hong Kong all over the world.

But these restrictions on cinemas started to peek out in the previous decade. In March of this year also a documentary was censored for public screening. This award-winning documentary stated the protest of people for democracy. And the authorities pulled it down thinking that it was a threat to the security.

There are various other incidents when the film or any other event was canceled citing security concerns. At the starting of this year also a university canceled photography exhibition and the reasons were stated the same.  On the other hand, security officials inspected an art museum before its opening to check for any security law breach.