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ICY GRL Star Saweetie Admits That Quarantine And Lockdown Has Sharpened Her Music

The famous American Rapper Saweetie spent the time in lockdown to sharpen her own music. Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harpe who is known as Saweetie in the music industry is currently 27 years old.  She released her first single entitled ‘ICY GRL’ in 2017. While there was lockdown all over the world due to the pandemic of COVID-19 Saweetie used the lockdown period to become a different role model.

Saweetie Received Huge Appreciation After The Release Of ICY GRL

In a recent interview, She said: “After ‘ICY GRL’ hit, I was in such high demand, and it really was like night and day. I had no artist’s development. I realized that I never equated attention with happiness, so all that attention I was getting was overwhelming for me and I didn’t know how to handle it.”

On talking about the lockdown she adds to the fact that “Which is why – fast forward to last year and this year in quarantine, I had a lot of time to reflect, and that made me want to take back my power of being confident and made me want to rethink my career.”

Before the release of ICY GRL, she was going through a hard time. Saweetie had to record ICY GRL in her car because of her low financial condition. At that time she also used to rent rooms online. But after the release of her single Saweetie’s life experienced a huge leap. Her lifestyle was transformed suddenly after the release of ICY GRL.

Saweetie’s Upcoming Album, Pretty Bitch Music

Saweetie announced the release of her album titled Pretty Bitch Music in 2020. She released her single Best Friend of the album on January 7, 2021. The full album is scheduled to release in this year. Saweetie wants to reflect more on her life to the people. She wants to tell the people that from where she has come. Saweetie thinks that the ICY GRL only provided a little glimpse of her style to the people.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, she expresses her feelings stating that “I went from only wanting to write freestyles to have to create a hit. Now I know how to take the hits.”

She adds to her statement, “I want to let people know that I’m a West Coast girl. I’m tri-racial. I come from a-poppin’, big, male-dominated family, which explains my masculine energy at times. People were only seeing ‘icy girl,’ but who was the girl under the blonde wig?”

Saweetie Forms an NGO To Help Her Community

Saweetie is seen several times talking about her opinions on various issues. At the starting of this year, she revealed that she wants to help the people from her community. She said that her profile will help her to raise the people from her community.

She shared: “The more we stand together and the more we continue to just educate those who may not know what we go through, we will continue to make a change.”

Saweetie announced the formation of a non-profit organization by claiming that, “And I was actually inspired during quarantine to found my own non-profit organization called the Ice Baby Foundation. And my grandmother is actually the president.”

Talking more about the organization she engrossed to make a change in her community. She ensured that the foundation will focus on financial literacy, education, single mothers, and healthy break-ups and low-income communities.