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Legendary Season 3 Release Date Confirmed? Read To Know The Latest Updates 2021


That’s the news the best LGBTQ community praising series “Legendary” is about to release its season 3. After the craze and love, both the previous seasons got they are getting ready to release the 3 seasons.

We all know what’s the storyline of this series. For those who are new let me tell you the context of this series. Legendary is an American Voguing Reality-Competition streaming television series. Where it’s based on experiencing the ball culture of the world by exploring the whole world. It premiered on HBO Max on May 27, 2020. And till now they released two seasons which consist of 17episodes.

This series follows LGBT house components which include predominantly only eight of the houses as they start navigating through nine balls which include dancing, voguing, and walking events and this series has the price for the winner which consists of US $100,000 price for the winning house. This series got much attention as we all know LGBT is the biggest normal we should see in these normal days of life and to make that taboo go away and doing everything to get #pride moments and stating every love is love and people should be respected besides their gender. This series is helping the world to normalize all the taboo stuff that’s made up. So this series was praised by GLAAD for featuring queer and trans artists “from the New York Ballroom scenes”.

The first season was successful with the winner of  ” House of Balmain” and to them, the runner-up was “House of Lanvin” after the success of season 1. HBO Max renewed for season 2 in July 2020. And at the end of the project, they said season 2 will premiere on May 6 of 2021. And after the successful end of season 2, the winner was “House of Miyake-Mulger” with the runners “House Of Lavin”. The country of origin is the United States with the origin language. Each episode will be running for 50 minutes.

The storyline of this series is when the contestants compete with each other in groups named Houses. From which members perform individually or in groups as per their own choice in pre-assigned categories in front of the panel of judges. Mostly in seasons 1&2 the members that a group consisted of were 5 members including a leader who will be either father or mother of the house. And the panel is composed of four Permanent judges and there would be a guest judge numbered as the 5th one who would be changing every week for each episode. After that in the second season, there was a new format change where judges score each performance, and each performance score would be calculated at the end which will determine the standing of the houses.

And for the fans who are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the on 3. Here’s the news but it’s not official yet and we don’t even know if there was an announcement regarding the renewal and cancellation of the show. But as for the reviews and love, this show got there’s no doubt that this series has a large shine place in the industry and the release of this show was very hit at the box office. Before the release of season 1, this show had to involve in many controversies as the storyline and the way the show is built is known as taboo for a long time. What’s fun if it’s not breaking stereotypes? Right. The crew nailed it by releasing the most popular connection for the taboo as a show. And as the announcement of season 3 is not official yet it’s heard by the resources that it might be soon and another season will be releasing sometime soon and ” season 3″ to release in May 2022. Here are some best wow moments of the show.

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