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Ben Affleck And Jeniffer Lopez Reunion Received An Approval From His Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner, Said She Is Happy

With romance kindling between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, again that too after almost 15 years. The fans are drooling over the nostalgic Beniffer era of early 2000, all over again. But amidst the Bennifer reunion, Jennifer Garner, has something to say about her ex-husband’s long lost love life with Jennifer Lopez. Now with the new romance news between the old couple, 2000-favourite Bennifer. Do you think, Garner is still all supportive and happy for Bennifer 2.0?

Jennifer Garner On Beniffer 2.0

As per US weekly sources, in amidst of new romance that her ex-husband found, Jennifer Lopez has got a nod from Garner to revive her long-lost relationship again. The weekly magazine reports “JLo thinks Jennifer is a kind and wonderful person and an amazing mother.” It is never hidden that Garner has always been supportive to her husband, even after the divorce through his alcoholic problem. So, the statement from JLo doesn’t come as astonishment for the fans.

Well! it seems that Jennifer Garner has been trying her best to move on, in her life. The favorite mum of the industry is giving much of her time to her children. Jennifer Garner shares three kids with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, are Violet Anne Affleck (16 years). Seraphina  Rose Affleck (12 years) and youngest son  Samuel Garner Affleck (9 years).  On numerous occasions, Garner has been spotted checking on with the construction of their new luxury house in California., where she’ll shift along with her three kids. Right now, the star and her kids are living in a rented house.

jennifer garner, 3 children, with ben afflick

Moreover, the insiders have reported that Garner is all happy for the couple. She had moved on but the only expectation she has from her ex-husband amidst his new love life is that he doesn’t forget his responsibility as a father. It’s not hidden that Garner has been a great mom and her only focus right now, are her children. The sources also claim that Garner doesn’t want to get involved in between the couple or Ben Afflick’s private life. But she only expects him also make their children a priority amidst the flames of lost love.

Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck- Jennifer Lopez: Everything To Know

A high-profile couple of the early 2000 era, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back together. After almost been apart for 17 years. The couple met on the sets of Giggly (2003). And soon the spark between them got lots of media coverage. The couple became one of the most-talked-about celebrity couple and fan-favorite ” Bennifer”.The couple got engaged, but their wedding got postponed due to high media attention. Later, suddenly the news broke that the couple broke up and took off different paths.


The couple was quick to move on. JLo got married to a singer in 2004. While Ben Afflick married Jennifer Garner in June 2005. after establishing friendship on the set of Pearl Harbour (2001) and Daredevil (2003). The couple has been married for over 10 years until they filed for divorce in 2015 and separated legally in the year 2018. The Gone Girl star has always been supportive of her husband before and after divorce.

Though Ben Affleck had always talked about being friends with her ex JLo, yet the couples were not seen together. Until the couple got captured together in Miami in May 2021.  Soon, in April 2021, the couple made their first public appearance. And now in these 2 months, they have been spotted multiple times together. It seems that Bennifer is quite a thing. And we fans are much happy to see them together.