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Trese Season 1 Storyline, Plot And Ending Explained: Read To Know More

Trese is an anime series that premiered on Netflix this year. It is based on a Filipino Comic which is entitled the same as the anime series. As Netflix has earlier also produced its own original anime series such as Pacific Rim and Yasuke. But this time Netflix has done immense hard work to entertain and enthral the fans from this horror anime series.

The series features  Alexandre Trese as its main protagonist. Alexandra works as a detective and she tries to protect humanity from demonic creatures. Every episode of the series presents a new scenario. As the story progresses further many dangerous hurdles and demons come in her way. But we can say that Trese becomes successful to entertain the fans

In the final episode of the season, fans uncover an epic battle with a highly anticipated drama. Here we have mentioned all the little minute details from the last episode of season one of Trese.

Talagbusao Captures Alexandra

As we saw that the Datu Talagbusao reveals that he used to pull the strings that lead to this moment of the story. He reveals this after he comes to know that Mayor Sacho Santamaria attacked magically on the mortals. Talagbusao is so powerful that Alexandra and her allies found themselves helpless in front of him. Talagbusao captures Alexandra with the help of his son The Kambal.

After Talagbusao captures Alexandra, he reveals her past story. He says that Alexandra is the sixth child in her family. But Alexandra strongly condemns this fact saying that a twin was to be born with her but it was premature hence she was the only child. Whereas Talagbusao proves his fact in the finale where it was shown that Alexandra’s sister was actually born. This technically makes the Alexandra sixth child in her family.

Alexandra Is The Sole Protector Of Humanity

Earlier God Of Death announced Alexandra as the sole protector of humanity. But she refuses to become a protector. While as she kills Captain Guerrero, she discovers the hidden powers stored in her. And it comes as a sign by God of Death to enlighten Alexandra for her tasks.

Meanwhile, The Kambal makes their way towards Alexandra’s side. They spend time distracting Talagbusao and as a consequence, Alexandra finds a way to run from there. She travels between different locations and various dimensions. As Alexandra and her allies know that they cannot defeat him because of his immense power, so they leave Talagbusao in that realm world. Alexandra and her allies make their way to return successfully back on the earth.

Mysterious Creature Speaks “Trese”

But the fans of the series are interested to know more about the credit scene in the last episode of Trese. In the last scene, one can see that a mysterious creature comes from the sea and kills two workers which were walking on the docks. The scenes indicate that a new mysterious demon and threat have come and Alexandra will definitely have to face this in the next season. As the mysterious creature only says “Trese” it becomes more interesting to know about the further storyline of the series.

Release Date Of Trese Season 2

Netflix has not yet announced any renewal of the series. But it is expected that Talagbusao will make his return in the upcoming season of the series. He will be desperate to kill Alexandra and resist her from protecting humanity. But we can only think of these facts as we don’t know what is going to be shown in the forthcoming sessions of the series.