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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Storyline, Cast, Release Date And Everything Else You Must Know

If you are a fan of Zombie horror-based drama series then you must have watched Fear the Walking Dead. The series is created by Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman. The series serves as a companion of the series The Walking Dead. This post-apocalyptic based drama series is based on the book series written by Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. The series was first released on August 23, 2015, and it completed the five seasons in 2019. While the sixth season of the series came to an end on June 13, 2021.

This horror series depicts the lives of survivors who united to prevent themselves from a zombie apocalypse. The survivors learn several different skills to survive amidst the war with zombies. The dramatic scenes were enough to retain the interests of viewers since its first release. But as the sixth season came to an end fans and viewers started to wonder about the possibilities for the next edition of the series.

Storyline Of “Fear The Walking Dead Season 7”

In season 6 of the series, characters tried to deal with the threat from the doomsday group also. A new era is shown in the final episode of the season as the characters have to reorganize themselves. They all scattered after a missile attack. They will continue their fight with the zombies in the next season and will continue their living.

The seventh season plot of the series is all set as we experienced a disaster in the last episode of season 6. Creator Andrew Chambliss also stated , “Some characters are going to break, some aren’t, some are going to embrace who they are and who they’ve become, some are going to run from it.” So it is evident that we will see some more thrillers and twists in the next season of the series.

The cast of “Fear The Walking Dead Season 7”

While there is no official announcement related to the cast lineup of the seventh season. We may expect the return of the major stars in the next season. We will see Kim Dickens in the role of the main protagonist of the series. Apart from him, Jenna Elfman who acted as June will make a return in the next season.

Other key stars such as Lennie James as Morgan Jones and Maggie Grace will feature Althea. While they will be supported by Colman Domingo as Victor Strand and Ruben Blades will feature the character of Daniel Salzar. Except for these stars, we must expect some more entries in the next season of the series.

Release Date Of “Fear The Walking Dead Season 7”

Likewise of the other series and films which were affected due to the outgoing pandemic season 6, of the series was delayed. But fans will be happy to know that the seventh season of the series will come sooner than the expectations of the viewers and fans. As the production of the seventh season of the series already started fans can see the next season within six months. Taking this in mind we can expect the release of the seventh season of the series somewhere at the end of 2021.