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Youtube Finally Introduces Picture-In-Picture Mode For iOS And iPadOS Users, But Only For Premium Users In The US

 YouTube has finally rolled out Picture In Picture mode for iOS and iPadOS users. This means iOS users can also do multitasking on their phones without missing their ongoing youtube video! Read the full article to know everything about this new PiP feature added for iOS users.

All new PiP feature for iOS users (iPhone):

YouTube is going to add Picture In Picture mode for iPhone and iPad users. This newly added feature by YouTube is working for iOS users with a premium subscription to YouTube. Currently, an iOS user can avail of the feature by paying for a premium YouTube subscription. However, it has been reported that the video streaming platform will also release. this new feature for their non-premium users in near future. That means the users will not have to pay for this newly added feature. Moreover, the Picture in Picture mode is not something new. The feature has been present in Android phones for quite some time.

The Picture In Picture feature lets you stream YouTube videos on a pop side window, while you are using any other apps at the same time. Earlier, Apple had added the Picture In Picture mode for iOS users. But that time, this mode could be used just for videos and during face-time as the YouTube app didn’t support this feature. The PiP feature was added by Apple after the release of iOS 14.

YouTube confirmed the news of the PiP feature in iOS, in a statement given to The MacRumors. Earlier, iOS users were using web browsers like Safari to play YouTube videos in the background. However, the feature from other browsers was temporarily removed by either Apple or YouTube. Thus, with the official release of Picture In Picture mode, the users can avoid the ongoing conflict. and unnecessary installation of other browser usages. To be mentioned, some of the iOS users are already celebrating the new feature release on social media apps.

What is Picture In Picture mode?

The Picture in Picture mode is not something uniquely new feature. In a PiP mode, you can minimize the running video in a small pop-up window and drag the pop-up anywhere on the home screen. This means you easily work or use other apps while continuing your favorite YouTube video. The PiP feature was already working for Android users for quite some time, although for premium users. To avail of the PiP feature, you can simply play the video on the YouTube app, and then simply press the home button. The video will get compressed into PiP mode and you can easily drag it anywhere on the screen.

In some cases, users usually run the YouTube video on split-screen mode. ( which is available by pressing the “Recent” button on your screen) to keep continuing their YouTube video. This feature is very useful since users often skipped their ongoing YouTube videos while using other apps. That simply means you don’t have to miss your ongoing favorite track on YouTube. because you were scrolling your Instagram feed or setting your alarm. All thanks to YouTube for releasing the new feature in the ioS as well!