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Josie Rogers, Great Grandaughter Of Dick King-Smith Completes His Incomplete Story ‘Ambrose Follows His Nose’

Dick King-Smith was the famous author of Children’s books. Almost every child has read the fantastic books of Dick King-Smith. Recently his great-grandaughter completed an unfinished manuscript which was found in Smith’s daughter’s loft. The late author’s great-granddaughter Josie Rogers completed the book and it will be published next year in March.

King-Smith received immense appreciation from the book lovers during his life. His stories were famous among children as they portrayed talking animals. He died in the year 2011. At the time of his death, he was 88 years old. He made his debut in writing in the year 1978. His first book titled The Fox Busters became immensely popular. Further his book, The Sheep-Pig was adapted as the main storyline of the movie Babe. The movie was later released in 1995.

‘Ambrose Follows His Nose’ Will be Published In March 2022

After the demise of King-Smith, his middle daughter Liz Rose took a box from his home to her home in 2011. There she found an incomplete text of the book. The book depicts the story of a rabbit whose name is Ambrose. He has an amazing sense of smell. In the story, the friendship of Ambrose and a little girl called Biddy is depicted.

This incomplete story has been completed by the great-granddaughter of King-Smith. Josie Rogers is the granddaughter of Smith’s middle daughter Liz Rose. It is scheduled to be published next year with the title Ambrose Follows His Nose.

On talking about the changes in the book Rogers said, “When the manuscript was discovered the story concept was fairly fleshed out and already featured our two main characters, Ambrose, the rabbit with the sense of smell of a bloodhound and Biddy, the plucky little girl who desperately wants to train and adopt him. However, the plot was only about halfway along so I added around six totally new chapters to complete the story.”

Rogers Added New Characters In The Story

While asking about the original content of Smith she admitted, “I had to rework and edit earlier chapters to fit in with the new plot arc but I tried to keep as much of Dick’s original text as I could, especially the funny bits. Looking at the original and current word count and accounting for editing, I’d say it’s near enough a 50-50 split effort between me and Grampa, which makes it feel like a real collaboration.”

Rogers said that his grampa always encouraged her to write with him. While she is currently an editor in Glasgow so it was not a new task for her. She added several new twists along with different new and exciting characters.  “I knew I wanted to do this from quite early on because she fulfilled certain tropes that feature in lots of Dick’s books – extremely rebellious little girls, and animals who subvert their ‘normal’ lifestyles – that weren’t as obvious in this manuscript,”  she said.

Publisher Puffin Also Praised Rogers For Her Story Writing Abilities

The book will be published after the centenary of King-Smith’s birth on 27 March. Publisher Puffin also admired the story writing ability of Rogers. The famous publisher contrasted on the story and acclaimed that “it is instant classic – full of Dick’s trademark animals, warmth and humor.”