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The Girlfriend Experience Season 4: Release Date Scheduled? Expected Plot And Latest Updates 2021

 STARZ’s drama television series The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 finale premiered on June 20, 2021. Thus, with the show coming to an end, the fans are already looking forward to a new season. So, Is it getting renewed for another season or not? Here everything to know about The Girlfriend Experience Season 4: Release Date, and the upcoming plot.

The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology drama series, based on the 2009 movie of the same name. The 2009 movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh, who’s now executive producer of STARZ’s hit show. The Girlfriend Experience‘s season 1 premiered on April 10, 2016, with overall 13 episodes. Later, the show was renewed for another season with 14 episodes in 2017. And the show again got its new season, with 10 episodes that premiered on May 2, 2021. Finally, the show’s third season has come to an end. And we can expect yet another enthralling storyline for The Girlfriend Experience Season 4.

The Girlfriend Experience Season 4: Release Date

The Girlfriend Experience came to an end with its Season 3 finale yesterday itself. With the end of season 3, we can highly expect another season for the show. Although, there has not been any official announcement for the renewal of the show. The networking company of the show had previously renewed the series for season 3  after a long wait of more than 3 years. That means, STARZ wants to invest in the potential show which is doing good business.

Earlier, the showrunner, Anja Marquardt had also said in an interview that the decisions regarding the renewal of the show will be taken in the future. Thus, fans can expect the release of The Girlfriend Experience Season 4, somewhere in mid of the year 2022.

The Expected Plot of Season 4

Since the drama television series, The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology series, there are whole new different characters in each of the seasons. The anthology series brings new characters and plotlines every time over the span of its running time. The theme that follows with the drama series focuses on different women with different situations in their life. The women protagonists of the storyline get entangled into the world of girlfriend experience, while also dealing with their own personal problems.

STARZ is one of the biggest TV networks in the USA with ample innovative and diverse shows. With many of its shows falling under the radar of the cyberpunk sci-fi genre, The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 blew the fans with a hybrid mix of sci-fi with call girl fantasy. The third season follows the story of neuroscience major, Iris, who drops from Ivy League School. Later, she moves to London and takes a job at a Tech-based company. Eventually, Iris also gets entangled in the girlfriend experience profession. And make use of the later job, to get help in her Tech-job too. However, this doesn’t go well and Iris’s truth of both jobs are out. Check out the show’s season 3 trailer :

In one of the interviews, the show’s director-writer Anja Marquardt said that The Girlfriend Experience Season 4 may follow the same storyline as Iris. The showrunner has told that he wants another season to follow the same storyline as Iris. They claimed that story needs to explore more of Iris’s personality, her professional and personal life. Although the showrunner wants the next season to follow the same storyline, nothing has been yet decided for the same. Since the show is an anthology series, we can also expect another storyline with new characters.