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‘The Simpsons’ Is Never Going To End Says Producer Mike Reiss – Here Is What He Said About The Show

Mike Reiss who is the producer of the famous animated series The Simpsons declined any current possibility to end the series. There were rumors across the whole country that The Simpsons will be discontinued soon. But Mike neglected any such possibility. This series has a huge fan base and viewers in America itself. Currently, the 32 seasons of the series are broadcasted. Amidst the broadcast of the 32nd series, it is actually renewed for two more series further.

This series marked its debut in the year 1989. Around 706 episodes of the show are broadcasted after its debut. The producer Mike Reiss said that we cannot deny the possibility of running this series forever. He added that if the series will end then there will be several spinoffs, movie adaptions on the series.

“The Simpsons” Is Like A Saturday Night Live Or A Daily Show

Mike Reiss furthermore added,  “The Simpsons is just about the world, about humanity and what’s going on in the world. It also tells what we do as humans, and for us to give up on the show is to say we’ve explored everything human beings can do and anything that can ever happen in the world. It’s sort of built like the kind of show that runs forever.”

According to Mike, this series is like a Saturday Night Live or a Daily Show which displays current events. These types of shows will be never discontinued and stopped. He acclaimed: “The show could run forever…and even if The Simpsons gets canceled, five years later it’ll get rebooted, or spin-offs. Certainly, there would be another movie. We haven’t even had a chance to go and come back again.”

The Simpsons Also Faced Several Criticisms And Bans

But despite its popularity, the series also faces several criticisms. The series is nowadays criticized for its storyline and plot. Some people admit that the golden age and true plot of the series were ended in its ninth or tenth season.  By the end of the year 2000, some famous critics also claimed that the show was “tired”.  The long-term fans of the series also shifted their emphasis on other series. While it is acclaimed that due to various cameo appearances the quality of the series is declined. Some people termed the series as the attention seeker.

The Simpsons were banned to be telecasted in several countries. In August 2006, China banned the telecast of this series. The main motive of China in doing this was to protect its own anime industry. While Venezuela termed it unsuitable for children and banned the series in 2008. 

Comic Book And Films Based On The Simpsons

Several Comic books have been published on the basis of the storyline of the series. Bongo Comics has alone published nine series of comic books based on The Simpsons. A film was also released whose storyline was adapted from the series. It was titled The Simpsons movie. David Silverman who earlier also directed the series did a fantastic job in the film. It was released on July 27, 2007, under the banner of Gracie Films, 20th century Fox and Film Roman.