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Darker Than Black Season 3 Releasing Date Announced? Latest News And Updates 2021

Darker Than Black, the Japanese anime series has not renewed itself for a third season for over a decade. The Japanese science fiction anime got premiered back in 2007 with its first season. After more than a decade, it seems that fans will now get another enthralling season of the sci-fi anime series. Read to know about Darker Than Black Season 3: Release Date, upcoming expected plot, and much more.

Darker Than Black Season 3: Release Date

Season 1 of Darker Than Black premiered for six months, back in the year 2007 with 25 episodes. The sci-fi show was renewed for another season after a wait of two years. Darker Than Black Season 2 premiered from October 2009 to December 2009. Moreover, season 2 of anime was followed by 4 Original Video Animations episodes, which acted more like a prequel to Darker Than Black‘s second season. After that, the show didn’t get any renewed season for over a decade. And chances of it coming back after 12 years are pretty unfavorable.

Moreover, Darker Than Black season 2 storyline didn’t leave any unanswered doubts among the fans.  The show very well finished its storyline which no further needs any explanation or more plots as of now. The show’s creators have also said back in 2017 that the show has not yet been taken into consideration for another season. Thus, looking at every aspect for Darker Than Black Season 3 is very much unfavorable. The show has also lost its popularity and track after a decade. It seems that in the future, the show doesn’t hold any further possibility for another season. However, the gossips suggest that the show can get its renewed season on the occasion of its fifteenth commemoration. somewhere in the year 2025. Keep updated with more information on Darker Than Black Season 3 here.

Darker Than Black: What’s next for the anime series?

Darker Than Black has uniquely blended its whole plotline with two formats of storytelling. At first, the series has its own episodic story, where no plotlines are meant to cross each other. This type of format has its own advantage that viewers can jump on any episode without watching the previous ones. Later, the other half of the sci-fi anime series has a continuous story format. In this format, every plot and every character are meant to be destined together at the end with the number of crisis cross interferences. Darker Than Black has adopted both of these formats to execute its plotline in a very unique and remarkable way.

The first two seasons of Darker Than Black have their own district narrative style, and characters. Darker Than Black season 1 focuses on the character Hei. Whereas, the other season revolves around a lady, Shou, who’s on a mission to search for her sibling and also simultaneously save the world. The end of Darker Than Black season 2 has very well concluded its story with no further left question. So, it would be very much difficult to even anticipate what will be coming for another season. However, we can assume that the third season may introduce new characters or maybe continue with the same old characters from season 1 and season 2. Keep updated with more information on Darker Than Black Season 3 here.