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Will We Get A Sequel To Disney’s Luca? – Everything To Know

The Pixar animation studio has the top-notch ability to bind its fans with heart-warming affections and emotions from their movies. Pixar’s latest “Luca” got premiered on 13th July 2021 on Disney+. Soon, after the release, the movie received lots of positive responses from critics. The animated movie also instantly stole the fan’s heart. From a fun-filled plotline to an all-star voice cast, the movie has its potential sequel. Here’s everything to know about the status of Luca 2.

Luca is an animated fantasy movie, exploring the theme of friendship, and family. The protagonists are Italian sea monster Luca, who takes his adventure from sea to mainland. Along with his buddy and sea monster friend, Alberto. Thus, the movie explores the adventures of these two sea monster boys. They leave their sea world and become humans. From there, starts an exploration of the whole new possibility to settle in the town. The two young sea monster boys take the guidance of a resident Giulia, all the while sticking together with the future ahead.

Is there the possibility of Luca 2?

The animated movie has already received buckets full of praise from the critics within few days of the release. The fans are also binge-watching Luca’s adventure from sea to the mainland multiple times. With the heartwarming plotline and themes, and the movie receiving lots of positive comments. It seems that there is a high possibility of a renewed sequel to this amazing animated movie. However, neither the makers, Pixar’s nor Disney+ has officially announced the movie. But it seems that the makers have already thought to make Luca 2.

Luca 2: Release Date

Luca was announced in July 2020 and got released within a year. The movie was set to get a theatrical release but later was premiered on Disney+ in June 2021. Moreover, looking at the early sign of positive reviews of the movie, we can expect the sequel in the future. Although the producer of the movie has already talked that there’s no immediate plan for Luca 2, it can come in near future.

However, recently Pixars are already busy with three movies coming down the lane till 2023. Thus, looking at every possible aspect, we can say that. the possibility of Luca 2 getting released will be somewhere in the year 2024 or 2025.

What’s the expected plot of Luca’s sequel?

The fun animated movie Luca ended with people of mainland Portorosso realizing that sea monsters are good in nature, rather than being dangerous. In the end, we see Alberto staying back in the city to support his new supervisor. And Luca, the title character is set on a new adventure with his friend,  Giulia. to attend school together. Thus, from the ending of Luca, we can expect the sequel following the journey of Luca and Giulia away from their respective home. With a theme of new hope and self-discovery, Luca is expected to move forward with a sequel. We can also expect the reuniting of Alberto and Luca, in the potential movie sequel.

Luca 2: Who will be in the Voice cast?

If the potential sequel of Luca will return, we can expect the whole voice cast to reprise their respective characters. Jacob Tremblay as Luca Paguro. and Emma Berman as Giulia Marcovaldo, can return to voice their respective characters. Since the movie is expected to move forward. away from the city of Portorosso, we can also expect new characters and cast in the upcoming Luca sequel.