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New Track Released By “The Lathums” – Fans Are Excited For New Song ‘How Beautiful Can Life Be’

The Lathums recently released their new track titled ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’. This new track is made by the band to encourage fans for appreciating simple things in our life. The band added a slight touch of the guitar pop in this new track. Famous lyricist Alex Moore designed the lyrics of this song. Through this song, he tracks the things “that matter most“ in our life.

The Lathums Consider The Track As An Output Of Their Struggles

While talking about the song Moore said, “Our saddest and loneliest moments can lead to our happiest and most content because we have felt what it is to be down there looking up.”  Further, he added to his statement: “It feels like now is the time to appreciate all of the things, big and small, that we’ve missed the most.”

Before the release of this much-anticipated track song the band earlier released a live album. The live release event of the album was one of the historic performances in the musical era. Band members performed that live album at May’s Sefton Park pilot event.

After the government green-flagged for the live events, The Lathums performed live to celebrate the safe return of live music. They also joined the likes of Zuzu and Blossoms. Whereas they performed on stage in front of more than 5,000 people. The band marked the new live event music since the entry of COVID-19 in our lives. This event took place at Liverpool Park.

Moore Praises James Skelly And Chris Taylor

While talking about their new album Moore acclaimed several things. He said: “I think everyone’s gonna be very happily surprised with what comes out [on their debut album]. None of the tracks sounds the same – they’ve all got their own stories to tell.”

Moore also praised James Skelly and Chris Taylor for their extensive work and efforts in the album. He stated “Being a songwriter, I saw them in my room just as little ideas and structures and then to actually hear them come to life with the lads playing together. While producers James Skelly and Chris Taylor doing all the magic. It brings them to life, and I think everyone is going to buzz off them.”

The Lathums received their first break in the industry with the help of Tim Burgess of Charlatans. He helped the band to appear first at the Kendel Calling Festival. Their single became extensively hit immediately and they were approached for other albums. The first extended play was titled on the name of their band i.e ‘The Lathums’.

Their debut album The Memories We Make, consisted of their two Extended Plays. After the release of the album, they immediately gained 14th position in the list of British charts. Moore started songwriting at an early age. The band’s single All My Life was written by Moore when he was just 16 years old. Currently, The Lathums are also preparing themselves for their upcoming biggest UK Tour which is scheduled later in this year.