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Shonen Jump+ Announces A Digital Contest “Million Tag” To Determine The Next Manga Creator – Everything To Know

The website of the manga comic Shonen Jump+ received a million tag recently. This weekly magazine series is very much popular among its readers. While after receiving a million viewers on its site it announced a new battle audition. This audition will be used to determine “the next star manga creator.”

While the rumors about this news started on Friday but the authorities of the magazine announced it early this morning. The program will consist of eight episodes. These episodes will be broadcasted through the YouTube CHannelShueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump from the upcoming Friday.

This weekly magazine is immensely popular among the viewers since its launch. Famous movies and series such as My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z got their title names from this magazine. The makers of the Shonen Jump thought to increase its productivity through online medium. So they announced a website and an App of the magazine titled Shonen Jump +.

Shonen Jump+ Is An Alternative Of Its Print Editon Shonen Jump

This new initiative was taken by the maker in the year of 2014.  Due to its huge popularity, the online medium of the magazine also became a hit. Both Online and Print media are entertaining people since then. It is the result of this popularity that the website received a tag of million views. The online version of the magazine was initiated to provide an environment-friendly alternative with the print media. People also admired the awareness of this magazine towards nature and the environment.

In this upcoming program of the magazine, there will be a total of six teams. Each team will consist of a manga creator and a Shueisha manga editor. This program will definitely act as a complete package of entertainment to its viewers. They will experience new twists and new challenges as the program will proceed with its episodes.

Details Of This Highly Anticipated Contest

One team of the contest has a manga writer and a manga artist. This team doesn’t contain any editor. These six teams will contest together in four challenges. As these mangas are currently opted by the persons a lot. Various people consider Mangas as an alternative to procrastinating on the Internet. This contest will be also successful due to its wide reach and availability on Youtube.

While the winner of this contest will receive a huge prize of 5 million yen which comes to about 45,000 US dollars. The team will get an opportunity to write the storyline of a manga based on Shonen Jump+. This volume will be published as a compiled volume of Shonen Jump +. An anime adaption of this manga will be also featured.

This program will be managed and hosted by the comedy trio known as YONSENTOSHIN. They will share the platform with voice actress Ayane Sakura. There will be guest judges for the final challenge in the program. The guest judges will include the creator of the Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto. He will be accompanied by the creators of Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku and Yūji Kaku.