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Singer-Songwriter Sigrid Shares A Piano-Based Acoustic Version Of Her New Single “Mirror”, And It’s Beautiful

The Norwegian pop diva made a comeback earlier this month with the song, which was her first since her debut album Sucker Punch, which she released in 2019.

The Norwegian pop diva made a comeback earlier this month with the song, which was her first since her debut album Sucker Punch, which she released in 2019. Sigrid sits down at the piano for the new version of ‘Mirror’, which has a somber, melancholy twist on the original chart-leaning pop of the song.

Fans of the Norwegian singer/songwriter will enjoy listening to her hit song, Mirror, which will be on their radars, among countless other tracks they will hear at festivals and feminist anthems shortly. The song “Mirror”, with the line “I love the person I see looking at me in the mirror,” is a song fully dedicated to self-love.

Sigrid has now launched an acoustic version of ‘Mirror (By The Piano)’, giving listeners a new perspective on the song as it evolves into a passionate melancholy.

TikTok users were treated to a preview of the track before it was released, as Sigrid teased new music via a scavenger hunt.

In her music video for Mirror (By The Piano), Sigrid teamed up with award-winning production company CANADA, who directed the visually appealing, cinematic video depicting the difficulty of having different sides of yourself in competition.

Sigrid explained why she chose to show multiple versions of herself chasing each other in the official music video. “We wanted to find out how contradictory it is that the different sides are similar”. She further added that she can’t stand to sing, and the video is filled with dancing, running, driving, and as we can see that she spent a lot of time filming.

‘Mirror’ appears to be a traditional pop structure on the surface: vocals, piano, a steady percussion, recurrent strings, and a synthesizer. But what sets Sigrid apart from her colleagues (such as Dua Lipa, with whom she has close collaborators like Emily Warren and Sly) is her consistency in couching complex in a simple-sounding exterior; ‘Mirror’ is a disco ball of a song that refracts and reflects further than the eye can see.” ~Vulture

Sigrid talks about her enthusiasm for making music on the piano in this updated version of her latest track

“The piano has always been my favorite place to be,” Sigrid says that writing songs is kinda like this also, where she forgets everything that she needs to do. In between all those big, exciting productions, it’s cool to go back to that space where I started writing songs when I was 16. She also added that she likes to check if it works on the piano and if the song sounds just perfect to her, it’s good to go.

For Sigrid, the past year has been a period of intense reflection.

Sigrid has received every honor a young musician from a small town off the coast of Norway could ever hope for after her rise to pop success in 2017. In 2018, she released her widely regarded debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe, performed at The Royal Variety Show and won the Nobel Peace Prize, and performed at Glastonbury to 30,000 festival-goers as well as millions in in-home viewings.

One thing is certain about Sigrid: she can perform both catchy pop songs and piano ballads effortlessly.