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The Release Date of FENA: Pirate Princess Anime 2021 has been Announced! Trailer And Latest Updates 2021

Producer Rui Kuroki and director Kazuto Nakazawa are working together for this series, titled Fena: Pirate Princess (a.k.a. Kaizoku Oujo) which will be animated in the Production IG studio, and screenwriter Asako Kuboyama is writing the dialogue.

The anime’s music is being produced by FlyingDog, and it will be composed by Yuki Kajiura. Crunchyroll and Warner Bros. will own the streaming rights to it. TV Studio.

Several other updates have also been posted on YouTube and other social platforms of the anime, including a trailer of the Japan-only version. On the same day as the announcement, the creators also revealed the character designs for the upcoming series.

Set in a fantasy universe from the 18th century, the story is a satirical look at contemporary life. Fena Houtman, the show’s title character, will be at the center of the plot, according to the official synopsis. Feena lost her parents when she was a very young girl. Due to her situation, she has to do odd jobs in order to survive. She currently works as a cleaning lady at a brothel. In spite of this, a group of strangers follows her to the brothel and tells her the truth about her lineage. Having been surprised by this, she decides to join the group in search of her parents. It is this search mystery that makes up for the plotline of Fena Pirate Princess. The story will feature lots of combat, although we will also get a glimpse of Fena’s feminine side as well. It is the mystery of the entrusted “stone”, and Eden itself.

How To Watch The Series When It Is Released?

The trailer claims the series will be “In the summer,” the anime series will be released in Japan in October 2021, so those who live outside of Japan are likely to receive it in the same month. Perhaps a week or two later, to allow time for a dub. Changes may be made to the release date. Anime will be released simultaneously on Adult Swim’s Toonami channel and on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll will broadcast an English-subtitled version of the anime, whereas Toonami will dub the show in English. The anime is set to be released in 12 episodes, as confirmed by recent news.

Crunchyroll offers a 14-day free trial* that gives you access to their endless anime and manga library. The cost of membership starts at £6.50GBP/$9.09USD* per month.

Cast and Crew Details

Fena Houtman’s role solely belongs to Asami Seto, and the cast also includes Teri Garr. Taking on the role of Fena’s bodyguard, Ryota Suzuki will be on hand. In addition, we can expect to see Takahiro Sakurai in the role of Shitan and Aoi Yuki in the role of Karin. Meanwhile, Ryota Osaka is cast as Kaede, while Gen Sato is cast as Kaeda’s brother Enju. The last, but certainly not least, is Jun Osuka’s role as Tsubaki in the Fena Pirate Princess anime series.