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Outpost Season 4 Premiering In July On CW – Latest News And Everything To Know

‘The Outpost’ series is back with another season!?

A long wait is over, the fourth season of CW’s fantasy drama has been ordered. Thirteen more episodes will make a kind of the fourth season. and the premiere of season 4 is not too far off now! A new season of 13 episodes will premiere on July 15 on The CW at 9 pm EST.

The CW is not calling this new set of episodes a season four, but rather the second half of season three. The show was created by Kynan Griffin and Jason Faller and follows the adventures of Talon, the only survivor of the Blackblood race. Due to this change, the current 13th episode of the third season is considered a mid-season finale as opposed to a season finale. Considering the forthcoming length of season three, we know it will have 26 episodes. Following the explosive finale of The Outpost on The CW, viewers were left with a lot of questions.

It is well worth your time to watch it if you haven’t yet.

Aside from action and romance, the Outpost also contains friendship, magic, and romance. A show that has pretty much everything you could possibly want.

This is the cast of the fourth season of Outpost

There were two shocking deaths in The Outpost’s third season: Gwynn and Tobin (Aaron Fontaine). So, for season 4, there would seem to be no opportunity for Waterhouse or Fontaine to return.

While they will both be missed, the series still features a large number of intriguing characters but there are expected to be many cast members returning to the show, including Jessica Green as Talon, Jake Stormoen as Garret Spears, and Anand Desai-Barochia will be playing the role of Janzo. The fourth season will see Anand carrying on an additional role since he has been hired as an associate producer.

The Outpost has yet to announce a new cast member, but each season has brought new friends and enemies. When the premiere date for season 4 is finally revealed, fans can probably expect new cast announcements.

Here’s what’s going on in Season 4 of The Outpost

Things are about to get really chaotic following the shocking death of Gwynn. The throne has now been reclaimed by Talon, after her death, but her claim to the throne is unlikely to go uncontested. It is far from being easy for Talon, even if The Outpost accepts her role as the new leader. She has a much better chance of uniting her people and the humans since she is a Blackblood, though not an easy task, given how far they are divided.

Moreover, now that the gods have awakened, and the even more grave threat is looming. However, Gwynn and Yavalla’s battle triggered the awakening of two statues, each with their own agenda, which has not been fully explained in the show. It seems Talon’s quest to form a united kingdom is going to be bumpy given possible romantic challenges and the threat of the dangerous Two (Jelena Stupljanin), who are still loose.

A certain thing is certain the upcoming fourth season of The Outpost will be its most engaging ever filled with action, romance, suspense and you will experience a lot of thrill. Hold Tight!!!