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Schitt’s Creek Star Annie Murphy Talks About Her Depression And Her Fight Through It Using Proper Medication

The actress remembers being unable to get up during her depression battle on Schitt’s Creek

With her “Ew David” one-liners, celebrity-filled backstories, and self-described “T.Rex” arms, Annie Murphy played Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek for six seasons. She is often regarded as a typical Rose family daughter because fans often associate her with this role. It’s just that Annie doesn’t have all of Alexis’ problems, and she has her own real-life struggles too just like everyone else.

Annie discusses her recent battle with depression and talks about mental health in a recent interview. Her co-star Noah Reid helped her deal with her hard time during the farewell of Schitt’s creek tour at an event in January last year 2020, telling her to put on a “brave face” for the audience and then return home to cry.

March was the planned start date for filming her new series Kevin Can F**k Himself. She was required to spend lockdown time with her family because of the pandemic, and the movie was halted due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Annie was very depressed and her condition was not so good. She also told in the same interview that she was crying 12 times a day. She was crying so much that her teeth were chattering, which is obviously not a good thing and it was not normal.

She further said that In reality, she suggests her friends take Drugs who are going through a lot and having a difficult time. You should do drugs, Use Drugs! Drugs saved my life because I wasn’t a functioning person, and they enabled me to function properly. You don’t have to use drugs all the time, but they helped save my life.

As a result, Annie started seeing a therapist after this, who diagnosed her with depression.

In a report, she said that a lot of people must be thinking that she sounds like she is playing a tiny violin for herself. ‘Well, you have money and fame, so why are you so sad?” This is not a cause for sadness for you. My pictures will not include me lying on the ground covered in phlegm, unable to stand. That is something I would prefer not to see. Despite going to work on time, I can’t imagine that I could have done my job if I had gone to work.

Continuing therapy and taking antidepressants proved beneficial to Annie.

The second time around, as Allison, she fell deep into her work, making friends, and enjoying the process as she progressed the process. Having now reached the conclusion of this chapter, she’s ready for the next one. The woman added that she does not have to meet people’s expectations. “I just wanted to do something for myself that was a challenge and that I loved, that was something important to me. No matter if it was an indie movie, whatever it was, or what the paycheck was for, I just wanted to have fun with it.”

Annie is ready to be seen on her terms so the world can see her new performance and continue doing what she loves. Despite remembering Alexis fondly, she’s ready to do what she loves again.