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How Did SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Get Injured? His Present Health Status And Everything Else To Know

The Boyband SEVENTEEN’s rapper S.Coup is going to halt all the promotional activities in the upcoming week. This comes after the rapper sustained a shoulder injury during an event on 30th June 2021. Read more to find out:

It seems that the past month has been a hell of a ride for the K-pop boyband “SEVENTEEN”. On one hand, SEVENTEEN’s recent “Your Choice” has finally made its way in the top 20 list, when it ranked No.15 on The Billboards Top 200. And on the other side, the band is halting all its activities quite frequently. Earlier this month, the whole band had to quarantine for 10-14 days after one of its members tested Corona positive. And now, when the band was all set for its grand comeback, we have another sad news for the fans. The K-pop band’s leader S.Coup suffered brutal injuries on his right shoulder. The Boyband’s agency Pledis Entertainment released an official statement informing the sad news among the fans.

Pledis Entertainment Announces S.Coups Will Withhold The Promotional Activities:

The South Korean band’s agency on July 1, 2021, announced that the band’s leader S. Coups suffered an injury on his right shoulder. This unfortunate incident occurred during an organized promotional event on July 30, 2021. Following the accident, S. Coups had been kept under medical supervision. Which has restricted the continuous movement of his shoulder in order for him to recover as soon as possible. Thus, S. Coups will not be able to continue the promotional activities for a brief period.

The agency also mentioned the upcoming events in which S.Coups will not be able to participate. It includes the band’s appearances on the music show for Mnet, KBS, and SBS, and also a fan sign event for the band’s mini-album”Your Choice”. All the events that were scheduled this week will continue but without the band’s leader S.Coups. Further, Pledis Entertainment apologized to the fans, and also requested them to understand the situation.

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups’ Brutal Injury: How the rapper got Shoulder Injury?

The SEVENTEEN’s most popular rapper, S. Coups sustained a shoulder injury after falling and hitting the ground. The accident occurred during a scheduled event on Wednesday, 30th July 2021. This resulted in not only his shoulder’s injury, but also got cuts and abrasions all over his face, neck, and ears.

S. Coup received medical treatment immediately after the injuries. Further, it has been advised to him that in order to curb the inflammation on the affected area, he should decrease his movements. Currently, S.Coups is doing well and resting so that he could recover soon. Well! We hope for his fast recovery so that we could get his grand comeback.

How Fans are reacting to S.Coups’ Injury?

The fans of the band are disheartened after the news broke the internet. The fans are bombarding him with wishes for a full recovery. and Lots-Of-Love’s messages on social media. Moreover, they are also showering him with appreciation and congratulations messages for the band’s recent win on debuting on The Billboard Top 200 chart.

Recently, SEVENTEENTH’s mini-album “ Your Choice” debuted in the Top 20 list of USA’s most popular “The Billboard Top 200” Music chart. It is a ranking chart for the music albums on basis of their online streaming, sales, and radio play in the USA. This week “Your Choice” ranked No. 15 on “The Billboard Top 200” music chart.