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Jeremy Vuolo And Jinger Duggar Relationship Timeline Update- Everything To Know About The Couple

The “Counting On” stars, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s connection may have lots of ups and downs, but one thing is sure. They have a promising and unbreakable bond. Which the couple penned down in their book The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace with the Promises of God. Jinger and Jeremy’s new book take us into their whole relationship timeline: from their meeting to having children. Let us dig deep into the world of “the Counting On” stars :

How did Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo meet?

All thanks to Jinger’s sister Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald.  Jeremy Vuolo, the former soccer player met Jessa and Ben in  San Antonio through a pleasant coincidence. After becoming friends, the former player went to visit them in their home in Arkansas. It was then, the couple met for the very first time in the year 2015. Jeremy also recalled that at first, they both were not into each other. But slowly as the former soccer player started realizing his feelings. Later, both Duggar and Vuolo expressed their feelings for each other on a family trip.

Jeremy Vuolo had to go through Jinger’s father’s tough-suitor test, before dating Jinger Vuolo :

Though the couple expressed their feelings for each other, it was now time for them to take a step forward. When Jinger Duggar’s father Ben Duggar came to know about the former player’s intention for his daughter. He immediately handed to fill a 50-page survey question to Vuolo!! However, Vuola expressed that although the tough-suitor test was surprising, he was excited to fill the form. As far as we talk about Jinger’s view on her father’s tough call, she expressed that it’s her father’s own way to protect them.

Jinger Duggar revealed “Because we’re so in the public eye … [guys would come] with the wrong intentions of like, ‘Oh, I want to be on TV,’” Further, she continued “To be fair, I think [the document] is a good thing to kind of sort through real quick. I mean, if somebody is serious, are they really even going to give them the time of day?”

Jinger-Jeremy ‘s Engagement to Wedding: All you need to know

As soon as the couple got permission from Mr. Bob Duggal, their love story became a fairy tale one. They didn’t hesitate to express their fondness and love for each other anywhere. From social media to interviews, they showed their desire to marry each other really soon. Soon, in July 2016, Jinger Duggal and Jeremy Vuola announced their engagement. They even shared the short clip of their “happy moment” on the rooftop, where Vuola proposed Jinger, by getting down on one knee! And not to anyone’s surprise, the couple exchanged vows just a few months later in November 2016. The couple was so romantically involved that everything in their relationship was happening so quickly and really fast.

However, even a fairy-tale love story is not perfect! The couple also shared about the moments when they started to believe that their relationship wouldn’t work out. With only ups and ups in their love story, the couple started to face basic relationship problems. But they didn’t give up on each other. And that’s how even the flaws of the relationship, turned out to be perfectly beautiful. “There was a couple of ups and downs, and there was a moment where it did seem like the relationship was a no-go at that point,” Vuolo said, “I just remember thinking one thing is I can’t give up. I don’t have the faith to give up.”

Later, the couple welcomed their first baby daughter Felicity Nicole, in July 2018. Even the couple struggled with the sad news of miscarriage in November 2019. However, eventually, they happily welcomed their second child  Evangeline Jo in November 2020.