Disney+ reveals special-look trailer for Star Wars: Visions anime series

Star Wars: Vision Anime Series To Soon Launch On Disney+: Release Date And Latest Updates

 The new upcoming Star War project is almost here! Last year, the Star Wars franchise announced its new project with seven different Japanese anime studios. And now finally, the first look of most-awaited, the upcoming “Star Wars: Vision” has been revealed among the fans. Read to know all about the new upcoming anthology series: get the first look and all insider details of the upcoming “Star Wars: Vision” anime here:

The First-Look of “Star Wars: Vision” is Out:

Star Wars is an iconic and epic space sci-fi franchise, whose first movie premiered in the year 1977. After the hit, the franchise became a worldwide famous pop culture among the fans. Soon, the franchise expanded itself into many new sequels, movies, comics, television series, and even we had Star-wars-themed parks.

Last year, the franchise announced its new collaboration with seven different Japanese anime studios during the Star Wars celebration in December. The upcoming “Star Wars: Vision” is an animated anthology series. So, this time we’ll have all new fascinating Star Wars stories, with a new combination of story-telling through the world’s best Japanese anime studios.

On July 3, Lucasfilm and Disney+ shared some details regarding the upcoming animated Star Wars series during Anime Expo Lite. It also released a teaser showcasing some relevant information regarding the show including the release date. And the names of all seven Japanese anime studios included in the whole “Star Wars: Vision” project. Moreover, some of the best behind-the-scenes was also featured in the first teaser of the show. Check out the whole teaser released by Star Wars official youtube channel here:

Mark Your Calendars: The release date and Everything To Know

The good news for both Star Wars and anime fans, who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming animated Star Wars series. They don’t have to wait much, as the show will debut within two months from now. All 9 episodes animated series will premiere on 22nd September 2021. Moreover, fans also do not have to wait for each episode, as all the 9 episodes will premiere on the same day. The much-awaited “Star Wars: Vision” will premiere exclusively on Disney+. This means the fans with premium subscriptions could easily access the whole intriguing and fascinating Star Wars series.

Disney+ reveals special-look trailer for Star Wars: Visions anime series

The upcoming anthology series is a blend of unique story-telling, animations, and graphics of seven different Japanese studios. In the “first-look” teaser, all the seven studios’ names involved in the project were revealed. Here’s a list of all the seven Japanese studios, that will showcase their own unique style in each episode of the upcoming Disney+ series:

  • Kamikaze Douga – The Duel
  • Geno Studio (Twin Engine) – Lop and Ochō
  • Studio Colorido (Twin Engine)  Tatooine Rhapsody
  • Trigger  The Twins
  • Trigger  The Elder
  • Kinema Citrus  The Village Bride
  • Science Saru – Akakiri
  • Science Saru – T0-B1
  • Production IG  The Ninth Jedi

“Star Wars: Vision “: What we know about the upcoming plot?

Lucasfilms expressed that they wanted the originality of anime to get reflected into their new  Star Wars series. This is the reason that they didn’t pressurize the anime creators to follow any previous plot or timeline. They allowed them to create something new. Moreover, they can even start with any original character without focusing on previous timeline stories. With the creators themselves, huge fans of the Star Wars franchise, we can always expect something fascinating, unique, and stunning with each episode.

In the Kamikaze Douga’s “The Duel” episode, we will see Star Wars infused with special Japanese iconography. In the other episode “Lop and Ochō”, the story will focus on a space bunny girl named Lop, who is very much dedicated towards her family and loyalty. Hopefully, we can also expect the trailer of “Star Wars: Vision” really soon. Keep yourself updated with the latest information on Star Wars: Vision anime here.

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