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Iggy Azalea Denies Accusations Of BackFishing In Her Latest Music Video “I Am The Stripclub”

“I Am The Stripclub” music video has been accused of discrimination against Iggy Azalea due to its inclusion in her new music video. She denied the claims.

In a recent video (July 1), Iggy shows off various outfits throughout the track accompanied by her new single. Iggy began receiving criticism soon after a tweet from fashion brand Boohoo surfaced, specifically the scene where she’s wearing a black wig. Many of her fans criticized her darker complexion, such as the screenshots of Iggy on the stage.

Wanna Thompson coined the term “blackfishing” when she started a viral Twitter thread in November 2018 about white women who were manipulating their ethnicity to appear more ambiguous.

Later that month, Thompson explained “blackfishing” on BBC Radio 4, noting that it is the practice of adopting hairstyles, clothing, and language commonly associated with black women, a matter which preserves black ambiguity without addressing black identity.

Her signature blond hair was shed for a dark, straight wig and deep tan in the video and she faced criticism online for doing so.

One person wrote: “All majority of those people are black and brown! so she said ‘doesn’t care’ and f—s us.” Critics criticized her for giving an insensitive response to concerns raised by people of color.

Azalea described the allegations as “ridiculous and baseless,” noting that she uses Armani foundation in shade 6 and has worn it since her video for “Sally Walker” came out in 2019.

As she continued to defend herself, the music star described the foundation she wears and emphasized that it hasn’t changed.

The nature of the production and lighting in clubs make everyone look darker, she stated. A standard white person’s arm would be the color of this, it’s on the arm of someone who is tan. I don’t have dark makeup on at all. A club scene is always darker, everyone looks darker! Azalea tweeted alongside an image of her foundation applied to a model’s arm, “I’m sick of people trying to make shit out of my words as if it was something more than I tried to do.

A tweet from her stated, “I won’t care about something so absurd and baseless.”.

The rapper has been called out for appropriating Black culture on more than one occasion.

Hanael, a biracial singer, said in 2017 she would not work with Azalea. According to the writer, there are a lot of people she would not list on her record. “Iggy Azalea: absolutely not. She disrespected Black culture,” she said.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan in August, Azalea described how she will continue to make music of the same kind, and be as ridiculous and as large as life as she always has been. She is not feeling sorry for all this.

There hasn’t been a negative impact on Azalea’s video numbers since the controversy broke. She thanked everyone – including those who called her out – for their support of “I Am The Stripclub.” Up to Sunday, the video had reached 2.5 million viewers.

‘LOVE YOU!’ she tweeted to those who showed her support and helped her promote: ‘HATE YOU!’ ‘LOVE YOU!’ she replied to those who showed her love and helped her promote.