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Vinland Saga Season 2: Official Confirmation, Release Date, Easter Eggs And Latest News


Happy news for all anime fans! There has been an official confirmation on Vinland Saga’s return. Since the first season had wrapped up, the show has almost kept quiet with updates on another season. Earlier, there have been so many major hints dropped by the Vinland Saga production team, which left fans to wonder if they’ll get another season for Vinland Saga or not? Read to know all about Vinland Saga Season 2: release date, upcoming plot, and everything to know.

Although the news of confirmed Vinland Saga Season 2 didn’t come as the surprise for the fans. The first season was a masterpiece and super-hit. Vinland Saga Season 2 was backed up with high ratings from both IMDB and MyAnimeList. Moreover, it also won the Anime Of The Year Award in the 2019 Anime Trending Award show. With so much success and appreciation in the first season, the fans were speculating another season for the Vinland Saga. For more latest updates, do not forget to follow Vinland Saga’s official Twitter page.

New Season of Vinland Saga is Officially Confirmed: Release date and Everything To Know

The official Twitter handle of Vinland Saga confirmed the renewal of the Japanese action anime manga series. Earlier, the director of Vinland Saga had dropped major hints of the renewing of the anime series. He asked the fans to decode the hints from the three images of lead characters of the series that he tweeted, earlier in September 2020. The fans were quick to figure out, that it hinted another Vinland Saga Season 2. On July 7th, the official Twitter page posted 1 min 49 secs clip confirming Season 2 of the anime series. Check out the Twitter post from official Vinland Saga’s page here:

Though the official confirmation from the Vinland Saga’s Twitter handle didn’t mention any release date. Yet, the bombing of major hints since last year, suggests the series has already begun its production. And the fans do not have to wait for long. However, the fans expected Vinland saga Season 2 to get a premiere in the mid of the year 2021. But as we know, the global pandemic has pushed many shows and series’ release dates including Vinland Saga. Moreover, the studio which was behind season one of Vinland Saga is already busy with other projects. Taking into consideration all these factors, we can expect the new upcoming Vinland Saga Season 2 by the end of this year or early 2022.

What to expect from the upcoming Season 2? Expected Plot Of Vinland Saga Season 2:

Vinland Saga is Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The plot of the Vinland Saga follows historic myths and folklore with full-fledged intense action drama. The series follows the story of a young teenage warrior Thorfinn, who works under the military Viking commander  Askeladd. although Thorfinn is under Askeladd, he has sworn to kill him in the duel. Because Askeladd had killed Thorfinn’s father. As Thorfinn grows, avenging his father’s death, he needs to achieve the right to participate in these duels. Although Thorfinn gets defeated every time in the duel, the two of them start forming a father-son bond in the course of time.

The much anticipated season 2 will continue showcasing the unknown future of Thorfinn after he gets captured, at the end of season 1. Most probably, the series will focus on Thorfinn’s unfulfilled vengeance. and how he copes up with his failed revenge and his capture. Stay tuned to know all the latest details from the upcoming action anime series Vinland Saga Season 2.