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Netflix’s The Mire Season 2 Ending Explained; Will We Get The Mire Season 3? – Latest Updates And News


If you are a lover of crime thriller genre movies and series, then The Mire is a must-watch for you. The Mire is a Polish Crime drama series on Netflix. The show takes us back into the Polish calm town, which suddenly becomes the hub of brutal murders. The Mire Season 2 recently dropped on Netflix, with a chilled and thrilling end to the season’s finale. Here, we have explained the ending of The Mire Season 2. And will we get another season of The Mire? Read to know the latest updates on The Mire series.

The Mire ’97’: Synopsis

The Mire’s first season was set in 80’s Polish town, which was originally released on the ShowMax. The plot follows the joint investigation of two small-town journalists, Piotr Zarzycki and Witold Wanycz.  When these two reporters form an unlikeable alliance, to dig deep into the murder mysteries. Then many new horrors of World war 2 and the sinister truths of the town’s forest, surface. The Mire season 2, which has been titled as The Mire’97’ because it takes a leap from the 80s to 90s in another season. follows the plot of the murder of a young boy Daniel Gwitt.

The Mire Season 2: Ending Explained

In the finale scene, we see Piotrz and Teressa’s marriage falling apart when both of them realize that they don’t love each other. Whereas, Withold is busy investigating the atrocities that occurred in the town during World War 2 . The end of The Mire left the audience just like that, without explaining much of the overall subplots that were going on. However, the central plot that is the murder of the young boy was finally solved.


After a full-fledged six seasons, we come to know the true identity of the real murderer of Daniel Gwitt. It was none other than the town’s prosecutor, who was also behind the kidnapping and murdering of Kielak’s son Waldek. Moreover, he was also the one behind the destruction of forest lives to avoid flooding of the Oaza estate. The prosecutor’s sinister act of killing Waldek and hiding his body in this new house at Oaza Estate led to his plan of destroying lives. So that, the estate doesn’t get flooded and the corpse of dead Waldek never surfaces. However, his plans didn’t go well, when Daniel hears everything.

In the end scene, we see Daniel’s murder was an unfortunate event as he was not supposed to be killed. He was murdered because he heard the prosecutor’s plan while hiding in his house. But the foremost question arises what was he doing in his house, after all? Well, we come to know that the young boy was spying into the next door, which was Piotr’s home. Recapping into the first season of The Mire, Piotrz and Daniel’s mother Helena had an affair for a brief period in the ’80s. Thus, we can assuredly say that Daniel was none other, but the son of Piotr. The young boy came to know about his real father and was looking for him.

Will there be The Mire Season 3?

There has been no official announcement for another season of The Mire. However, the hopes of getting a renewed season are very high. Because the series’s director and co-writer revealed some brainstorming potential plot of another season. Although, he didn’t give much of the details about the upcoming third season. Well, the show’s popularity is also another reason that will lead to the renewal of another season. With the show’s release on Netflix, we can hopefully say that it can get more viewers and will return with season 3. Get all the latest details about the show here.