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The Kissing Booth Season 3 – The Real Reason Why The Showrunners Are Not Ending The Trilogy With The Book’s Ending

Your most awaited movie’s final season is soon going to get aired. Yes, Netflix brings to you the trailer of The Kissing Booth season 3. The story of the movie is based on an exclusive book, but the final book is yet to get released. But we got to see the movie’s trailer before the book is published!! Does that mean the movie is not going to be based on the book? Well, stay tuned with us, to know it all, just here!

The Series, The Kissing Booth Is Back To Make You Fall In Love Again

The Kissing Booth franchise brings to you its final season, the one for which the audience has waited for a lifetime! Yes, season 3 is here! Your favorite three characters are all set to make you believe in love. The movie features the character, Trio Elle played by the famous Joey King, Lee played by Joel Courtney and Noah played Jacob Elordi. Are you ready to experience their journey of summer vacation? They are going to head off to college after this. But will the three go to the same college?

Vacation seems to be really fun for all three. But Elle still needs to make the crucial decision of choosing where to continue her higher studies. This massive choice will definitely shake any one of her relationships with her two closest friends. The last two films were originally inspired by the first two books penned down by Beth Reekels but this time the final movie might not be inspired by the book.


The film will definitely not be inspired by the last book of Beth. The fiction tale will be available to the public only after the movie is originally released. Netflix has already announced that the final installment of the movie will be launched on August 11. But if you want to read the book, titled The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time, you can pre-order it. Yes the readers residing in the UK can place their pre-orders on August 12, 2021. The cost of the book has been settled for £6.55.US fans will have to initially wait till August 17, 2021, to get their hands on the book. But that will cost around $8.79.


Without the book as our idea behind the new film, we don’t really have a clear picture of the movie. But still, we have a few ideas to work with. Since the book will be available for readers later, thus people are really clueless about The Kissing Booth 3. Everything now seems really unexpected.

We are really looking forward for Elle’s college decision. She needs to act mature and put herself as a priority. From the trailer, it seems like Elle is struggling as she is trying to please everyone, thus will definitely get messed. Will Lee and Noah stand by Elle’s decision? It’s really intense right now. Don’t forget to catch the movie on August 11 just on Netflix.