Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date And Other Latest News And Details

The Chainsaw Man is a blockbuster Japanese manga series that has become popular over the years. The Japanese dark-themed manga series is a work of  Tatsuki Fujimoto, who is known for the works like  Fire Punch. The manga series was first published in December 2018. Since then, Chainsaw Man has maintained to gain worldwide popularity for its unique and dark-themed plot. The manga series comics recently has as many as 11 million copies in circulation worldwide as of June 2021.

Since the manga series is quite popular for its dark theme, violent scenes, superb-sorted characters, and action-packed plot. This has created fans for manga series from all around the globe. The most famous manga series is finally getting the much-demanded anime adaption for the manga series. Read to know the latest details for the anime adaption of the Chainsaw Man: Release Date, Upcoming Plot, Cast. And everything to know.


When is the Chainsaw Man anime debuting? Release Date

After long speculations and rumors regarding the anime adaption of the manga series, it finally got official confirmation. On December 13th, 2020, it was officially confirmed that the Chainsaw Man Season 1 is making a television debut. The highly anticipated Japanese manga series will be produced by the anime-popular MAPPA studios. Moreover, MAPPA has already produced a series of blockbusters anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen. The hands of MAPPA studio behind the upcoming fan-favorite anime have already created more hype among the fans. Well, happy news for the fans as they don’t need to wait for long.

The release date of the upcoming season of the manga anime has still not got an official confirmation. However, we can expect the debut of the animated manga series by the fall of this year. Moreover, The official trailer for the Chainsaw Man is already out. On 27th June 2021, we got the official trailer for the Chainsaw Man. Check out the trailer here:

What to expect in the animated version of Chainsaw Man? Expected Plot of Chainsaw Man season 1

Chainsaw Man follows the story of a young boy Denji, who makes a deal with the chainsaw devil Pochita. After the pact, the boy becomes a human-devil hybrid known as Chainsaw Man, who has been entitled to hunt down the devils. From here begins the journey of Denji, hunting down and even getting hunted down by the devils. The plot follows what fate beholds for the protagonist buy, Denji.

As we see in the trailer, we can highly expect the plot of anime to follow the manga series storyline. Moreover, we can say this because many iconic scenes of manga are replicated in the anime’s trailer. It’s worth mentioning that the scenes in manga anime will have high-intensity violent scenes and action-packed drama. Moreover, we can also see countless deaths of the main and lead characters in the show.

Everything to know about Characters and Voice Cast

The voice cast of the Chainsaw Man remains under the cover. The main reason behind no revelation of the voice cast could be a setback in the casting. Moreover, the anime is still under production by MAPPA studio, which has strong ties with voice talent agencies. So, it’s just a matter of time when the details will be officially announced. The main characters in the anime include Denji, Makima, Aki Hayakawa, and Power. Get all the latest updates for the upcoming anime here.

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