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Fans Criticized Wendy Williams For Her Discussion On Late TikTok Star ‘Swavy’ At Her Talk Show ‘Hot Topics’

The period of this global pandemic COVID-19 has not ended yet, but there comes another worst news for this month. On this 5th July famous Tik Tok star Matima Miller was a gunshot at Delaware. The family members of the star were literally shocked by the incident and it also gazed at the similarity all over the world. The star was popularly known as “Swavy” and “Babyface”.

The star was having millions of followers on the Tik Tok. While fans were sad for his sudden demise and they mourned for this tragic incident. There were no details about the shooter and the investigation has started. While the police and the authority are looking for any pieces of evidence. Police reached the spot within seconds after they were informed.

Wendy Williams Was Condemned For Her Show ‘Hot Topics’

But afterward, the incident but Wendy Williams came into the news because of her talk show Hot Topics. This time people reacted negatively to her show. While talking about Williams people referred to her as insensitive. They referred to her as insensitive regarding the incident that happened with Tik Tok star Matima Miller.

This is not the first time when her talk show has gazed at the appearance all over the world. Her show always remains to trend for her negative and critical news.

This time Williams in her talk show asked to clap if they know who was Swavy or Babyface. Swavy was having more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok. That is too more than the followers of Williams. His fans were torched with fire after Williams asked such questions in the show.

While sparse reactions angered the people and lead to their frustration. While the fans of Williams also torched fired against her. Several allegations were made on the talk show host. She was asked that how many fans does she have on TikTok. And this incident literally became the topic of discussion all over social media.

She was reminded that she has more followers than Swavy on Instagram. While people have always said that the talk show is cringe material to watch and it has lent a more diversified effect on her personality and background.  Meanwhile, the incident a photo of Swavy stood in the background before Williams acknowledged that he had been murdered.

Swavy’s Million Following On Social Media

This clip gazed fire soon and was viral all over social media and people started to troll Williams for her unprofessional behavior. She was mostly concerned for her fewer followers than the late 19 years old star.

The 19 years old TikTok star Swavy was gunshot on Monday, July 5, 2021.  He was intensively famous among the youngsters for his videos and which gazed at a whopping more than 98 million likes on social media. His family members also released a tribute to Miller’s life through his Instagram handle.

They condemn this act of killing the star through the “senseless act of gun violence.”  He was well known for his sketches which portrayed the comedy characters along with dance videos on famous albums and songs.