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Adam Bessa Known For His Performance In ‘Mosul’ And ‘Extraction’ Roped In To Lead Drama Film ‘Contra’

Fans will be excited to know that further progressions have started for the drama movie Contra. Since its announcement, there was much hype among the people related to this movie and its award-winning plot. While it will be soothing for the fans to know that the initial production of the movie has started. So stick with us till the end of this article. You will know everything about your favorite and upcoming drama Contra.

According to our sources and various media handles and news sites, it is clear that the makers have started to shoot the principal photographs for the movie. It is acclaimed that Photography has been started in Tunisia.

Contra Will Portray The Effects Of The Resistance Movements

Some people do not know the plot of this movie. They must know that this contemporary drama will pivot and portray the after-effects of the powerful anti-government protests.

It will be depicting the scenarios and mindsets of the people after these protests while it will also show the waves of changes among the people and their effects on the common people and their lifestyle.

Earlier the film Contra was titled Before Spring but later makers announced the new title of this drama. British filmmaker Lofty Nathan is all set to show her one more extensive work through directing this film.

On the other hand, Tunisian actor Adam Bessa will portray the role of the main protagonist in this film. He is well known for his earlier acclamations and movies which include his outrageous and inspiring appearance in Mosul and Extraction.

Adam Bessa Will Portray The Role Of A Young Tunisian

Adam Bessa will play the role of a young Tunisian man known as Ali. He earns his livelihood through selling contraband and restricted gas in a local black market. He always thinks to earn more money and wants to bring a change in his life. Ali is fed up with his usual lifestyle. But things change suddenly when his father dies.

After the demise of Ali’s father, he has to take care of her two younger sisters which adds a burden to his own life. But throughout the movie, he will be seen fighting with the gigantic rules of the government and try to accomplish his goals in his own life.

The cast of the movie included more unprofessional and newcomers in the industry. While besides all the facts one thing is clear that this will be a bowl of happiness and entertainment for the resistance genre lovers. It will portray the diverse effects and also the victims after these anti-government protests and the movements.

Hopes are increased with this film after it was announced that Lofty Nathan will be directing this movie. Recently he was awarded the HBO Emerging Artist Award. His works are always praised for their elegance and the soft touch throughout the scenes.

Apart from this movie he is also working on his first documentary. He has entitled it as 12 O’Clock Boys. Sony Pictures have signed for the development of this documentary and it will be soon in the talks among the media.